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Diaper covers

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I have some diaper covers that I got off ebay, but I wanted to know a good place to diaper covers for skinny kids. As the ones I have for her leak around the legs. They might be for bigger than 10lbs babies too. IYKWIM. I can't remember if the smaller poundage # was closer to 13-15 lbs for these. Any help would be great. I would prefer to stay away from plastic pants if possible. TIA
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How much does she weigh now? Would you be willing to try nylon pull on pants? I love the dappi covers. My 3 year old has skinny thighs and they have always worked on him. They also work great on Ryan who is very skinny right now.

I also bet that small bummis covers would work on her. They seem better for skinny kids than proraps do and they fit from 8-15lbs.

I think I bought the dappi covers from cottonbabies and the bummis from either no pins for baby or nickiesdiapers(free shipping for both).
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What brands have you tried that leak? Also, do you have a preference for pull-on or wraps?

I wonder how pull-on nylon covers like Alexis feather-lites would work for you. I believe I have heard they are good for thin legs. Unfortunately the company quit making them, so you have to get them used. Litewraps also makes a pull-on nylon cover, but I don't know if the cut is the same. The nice thing about nylon is they are more breathable than pul, plus they are cheap. Naturalbabies sells the LiteWraps pull-ons:
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Originally Posted by musicmaj
Would you be willing to try nylon pull on pants?
I guess great minds think alike! :LOL
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