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To echo what a lot of you said, I am grateful for my c-section because it gave me my daughter. I was so staunchly against C-section, however, prior to her birth, that I almost asked my hubbie to "ditch" the prenatal classes part on C-sections and never read anything about them. I was determined to have a drug-free birth. That was before she was in distress.

On the one hand I am grateful, as I said, since my waters had broken and she was in distress, and she was born an hour after we checked in at the hospital. I didn't know I'd been in labor all day, until I read more about it in retrospect, and I hadn't really thought about the fact that she hadn't been active all that day either. So, for my little girl who was in some serious trouble, it was wonderful to have her born and safe via C-section.

The time in the hospital was mostly great. The surgery was quick, although the recovery for an hour in the storeroom/nurse's station was cold and lonely, and the two ensuing hours before seeing my baby again were pure emotional hell. After that, though, the hospital staff and medical care were wonderful. I was relatively drug-free in the hospital and felt strong and was recovering well. It wasn't until after I came home that I became weak and was in all kinds of pain. Then, the recovery process became endless. I didn't trust my own strength to be up and about and especially didn't feel able to deal with all of the rigors of sleeplessness and a baby who slept almost constantly, and then seemingly not at all.

Again, I am glad that the resource was available, and I was rushed so fast from the moment I got to the hospital until an hour later when I had the baby, I barely had a moment to consider the defeated feeling I always anticipated.

I also second the attitude that the first posting addressed, which is the attitude about unnecessary C-sections. I reeled in confusion and anger when my Aunt, a big proponent of home birthing sent me all kinds of information on unnecessary C-sections, days following my daughter's arrival. I would have loved to have had a home birth, but my husband and I didn't feel like we had the resources for support; community or family-wise. It grieves me to know, however, that if I were to choose to have a VBAC, which would be my preference, that I would have to live the last month of my pregancy 2 hours away from home, for that is the nearest community which has VBAC allowed. This is a travesty, and it is just another reason that I am currently 60% against having another child.
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Originally Posted by alexsam
So, now that it is all over, how do YOU all feel about your c-sections? Am I the only one who is "happy" with the c-section (though it was not, nor will be, a preferred choice)? I've just been hearing so much lately about horrible c-section experiences... If it can be "good" (which I think it can, considering the alternatives in some situations!), I'd like to say that I had one as good as it can get! It was not the end of my world to have a birth that was not what I thought it would be. In fact, it was the begining!

I'd like to share in your exhilaration, but your feelings are not my feelings.
Fourteen years later I'm still grieving and coping with the experiences associated with the c-section.

My son's surgical entry into this world was traumatic for him and for me. I didn't realize until I was pregnant with his sister, when he shared his feelings with me, just how he had been affected by it. Amazingly, his sister's birth experience is allowing both of us to heal.

For us, it's a long road to forgiveness and acceptance.

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