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Update! 1st appt today.

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Well I went today and I have lost 10 lbs!! He wants me to take some meds that is going to cost me 75$ for 1 wks worth and that is covered by insurance!! Well
I am due May 18th and the baby looks good the heart rate was 171 bpm. The bad news is that I have something on my Left Ovary that is 7cm around and he
is thinking it may be a tumor and not a cyst bc it doesn't hurt!! So I have to go
get another u/s done next week at the hospital to see what they think it is. I
didn't get a pic of the baby bc the cyst or whatever it is was to big and it took
up the whole screen and she just couldn't get the baby back in place to get a
pic. So anyways that is all I know right now hopefully I will have good news next week that it is a cyst bc if it is a tumor there is a good chance I will have to have surgeory during my 2nd trimester to remove it.
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Glad the baby's heartrate is good. I really hope it is not a tumor.
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((hugs)) hey mama

I lost alot of weight at my appt. too- 14lbs! The doctor told me I had a cyst also, the size of a plum...i don't remember the measurements she gave. Did the doc. tell you that cysts hurt? Mine doesn't, I didn't even know it was there lol i hope you get good news, doll
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Hey Mama, not all cysts are painful structures! Try not to stress over it while waiting for your next scan OK?

It sounds like your appointment is pretty good.

Did she Rx Zofran for you? I had to take it during my last pregnancy in order to be able to work. It was helpful. It cut down on the vomiting and dulled the nausea with no side effects. Made me able to deal with all but the stinkiest of clients. I hope the rx helps you mama.

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When I had my last cyst it didn't hurt til she gave me a pelvic exam and
pushed on it and I thought I was going to scream it hurt so bad but today
he pushed all on it and I felt nothing.
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I'm so glad the baby is looking so great!! Good luck with the cysts, and try not to stress too much! Hugs!!!
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Oh Ellymay, that sounds so stressful. Lots of hugs to you, and sending positive vibes your way
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Congrats on the great heartbeat Ellymay. I'm sorry about the rest. : Let us know how it goes.
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congrats on the HB! I hope it's a cyst - let us know!
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All my best to you!
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Well I am pretty sure it is a cyst bc dh and I dtd the night before last for the
first time in 4ever and when we got done that side was just throbbing with pain!!
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i have to agree with previous posters....cysts don't always hurt. i get persistent ovarian cysts when i'm preggo, and they never hurt. i still have the one from my 2nd pregnancy (it's 10 cm) and it never caused me any problems....

don't stress it too much. lots of women have visible corpus luteum cysts up until about 12 weeks, when they usually start to dissolve on their own. it's a part of being pregnant. even if it's persistent (doesn't dissolve) it shouldn't be a big problem. as baby grows, it will move out of the way.

good luck with your next ultrasound!
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Yay for that happy mama! I'm glad your babe's looking fine. I hope you're not too, too stressed over the other stuff. Lots of love to you guys.
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