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Poll Results: Have you had a lotus birth or know some one who has?

  • 13% (10)
    yes, I had a lotus birth
  • 9% (7)
    I know someone who had a lotus birth
  • 42% (31)
    what is a lotus birth ;) ????
  • 34% (25)
    Sounds cool and I might comsider one
73 Total Votes  
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Thanks for your thoughtful answer. I think it's a nice idea with the sort-of forced retreat time where mother and baby and daddy nest and ease the baby into the world.

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Claire Day actually introduced the idea of Lotus Birth to Jeanine Parvati Baker, who popularized it. Claire didn't cut anything with knives, only shredded her veggies etc.. Anyway she was killed by a falling tree the day my son was born. (She was told to remove the tree and didn't.) We lived about a mile away, very windy and rainy day. He was a lotus baby. He loved his cord, and would hold it while he nursed. She had gotten the idea from her travels among indigenous people somewhere, I believe. (Mexico?) I think it helps a child be more sensitive and open to the "spiritual" or psychic realms. We wrapped his in rosemary, myrhh, goldenseal and sage. No smell and it hardened into a "cake". When he was 3 he threw it into a pit for a cherry tree we planted. It was a fun conversation piece while we still had it!
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did you know her? just curious.
how sad she died on your son's bday. i only didn't go into her part in lotus birth so as not to complicate the story....you're right, she did introduce JPB to it, as descirbed in the packet and Hygieia.

i am also interested in reading the lotus birth book out (haven't saved up enough yet...) has anyone read it? JPB always talks highly of it.
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I was planning to meet her as we lived so close and other friends got info on lotus birth from her , but I ended up on bedrest for 7 weeks.
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No, I wouldn't want one. Sounds fascinating, but it's definitely not for me
Especially since I take my kids to their ped. two to three days postpartum for a general assessment.
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I feel that to put this beautiful organ into an incinerator is nothing less than a tragedy.

Our culture doesn't revere much and definitely doesn't see the placenta as the AMAZING thing she is! An organ who grows just for the purpose of the baby - unbelievable! Grows and then, when her times is done, she fades away.

My placenta was the first one to feed my baby. And for that alone, I think that the placenta deserves a heck of a lot better than to be discarded as they are in hospital. Much less ripped out of women's wombs. (sigh)

Our Lotus Birth was wonderful. I wept when I examined my placenta - it was SO beautiful! To think that it was she who was there with my sweet babe all those months - I wonder if he even nestled against her in my womb for comfort?

Chimpanzees (who have 98% of the same DNA as we do) wait for the birth cord to fall away, i.e. lotus birth.

I think other cultures 'get it' much more when it comes to a philosophy around the placenta. I believe we have much to learn, or perhaps, much to remember in this Amerikan way of birthing...
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