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Babydust Exchange

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I am so excited and happy these days. At the same time, I realize how fragile my situation is and how much I still want to give and receive support to/from all ttc.

I know there is little I can do to help everyone still trying to conceive, but what if we start a thread to come to just to exchange babydust for whoever wants it or needs it? For me, expecially during the times I was still lurking, just coming to the ttc board was an important source of hope and inspiration.

Those who are pregnant can "deposit" dust whenever they would like either by just visiting or by leaving a hope or a wish for all ttc.

Those ttc can "withdrawal" babydust whenever they would like either by just visiting or by leaving a hope or a wish for themselves or for anyone else.

I am confident that the babydust exchange would never run dry!
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I'll start.

I'd like to deposit babydust in the form of my joy that I am pregnant and in my hope for all who are ttc at this time!

kathy (birdwomyn)
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Thanks, Kathy! I'll take some of that babydust of yours!
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It is the day after christmas, and I am depositing MORE Babydust in honor of the joy I have in my children I acquired through partnership with my DP. They are adults and they are really FUN to have around!!!

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Thanks Kathy! It's so kind of you to share!

I'm hoping I'm about to O! I will take just a little sprinkle of babydust to leave some for others....
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I think... I may have... O'ed on Christmas Eve or Early Christmas morning... so I'm gonna come swim in the available babydust and hope that I really HAVE ovulated (I'm on day 28 now)... and if things stick I'll come back and leave lotsa baby dust for all! Promise!
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Adding tons of sticky and gooey 8wo baby dust to this thread!!! Hope all the ttc-ers will graduate soon, leaving this board totally empty!

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What a wonderful idea Karen! I'm swimming through this thread in hopes some babydust will stick to me. Then, I'll be able to return and give some out!! brandi
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I'll take a little wade through the baby dust. I have two more days before af is supposed to show. so it may be that little extra nudge I need. And then hopefully I can come back and deposit a whole bunch more!!!
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I don't know if anyone wants my babydust, it has miigraine headaches , morning sickness, and a stomache flu attached. But on the flip side, I ttc for a year, so it finally figured it out, so it's worth all the yucky stuff. I wish I had enough to share with everyone
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originally posted by AdinaL
I'll take a little wade through the baby dust. I have two more days before af is supposed to show
I really hope this is your cycle!!!

I'm blowing you all some babydust...no m/s here!!!
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I think babydust is like HCG levels, it doubles every 2-3 days and so I think there is always enough for everyone!!!!

(dancing around throwing baby dust into the air to shower down on any one who whats some) This is 7w baby dust that as of yet does not have any history of headaches or morning sickness. It does, however come with fatigue and significant breast tenderness..... and there is always the potential for developing morning sickness -- especially since this is TWIN babydust.

As I'm spreading the baby dust, I am thinking with humor of my recue chihuahua.... we recued her from a breeder who insisted on continuing to breed her every heat even though she only had one puppy per litter and therefore had to have a c-section every litter because the one puppy would get too big for her to be able to deliver it..... She is a fat happy dog now with no more puppy problems and I am a fat happy human with a "litter" on the way that is bigger than my dog ever had!!!!

Hugs to all....

kathy (and her puppies)
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Thanks mamasoleil!!! I figure you have to have big ol major babydust! Here's to hoping that af missed her train!
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I think it worked!

Ferns, fabulous ferns all over my Ovulens!!! I posted in the Ovulens thread hoping to make sure I didn't do something wrong, but I think this is it! I had plenty of sperm already collected but grabbed some more just for good measure.

Looks like the babydust worked!!!
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EnviroBecca~I've got my fingers crossed for you!!

Adina~what's up????? Did AF show her face yet???

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no af yet mamasoleil. I am stunned I figured she would show up this morning. Which is her usual timing. I have a pretty solidly 13 day LP...and today is day 14. I have been having cramps all morning - and most of yesterday. But not the normal "I am cramping now pay attention to ME!!!" cramps I get that bring af - but more rolling ones...that is the best description i can come up with. Sort of just a feeling of tension in my pelvic area and slight moments of "hmmm, that was intersting." But no major cramps.
so - I am going to wade through the babydust again......and maybe put a little of it in my pockets for later!
Here's to hoping!!!!
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I am SO keeping my fingers crossed Adina...sounds good though....

Oh boy...hoping to have you all over to the pg board..I miss you!!!
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I will take a little babydust! I am cd8 and watching very carefully for O

I wouldn't mind a little twin babydust if you don't mind, birdwomyn (I say very quietly so that dh doesn't hear :LOL)

Jennay, thinking thoughts for everyone.
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Well af showed up this morning. maybe I should start rolling around in the babydust early this cycle....
might as well - certainly nothing else seems to work. Not the best New Year's gift I could have imagined......

(rolling around in the baby dust....) Here's to hoping it sticks!
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Go get drunk for New Year's, then get started on that new cycle...
Sorry A....


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