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What food/drink will you have on hand for labor?

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Last time around I prepared fruit purees (pears, mangoes, bananas, peaches) and froze them in ice cube trays then put the frozen cubes in ziploc bags. I also froze some grapes. Other things I had on hand was honey, cal-mag powder (the kind you add to water and fizzes), and RRL tea.
When I was actually in labor though, my attendents ate most of my fruit cubes because they sounded absolutely disgusting to me. I sucked on the grapes but then spit them out when they thawed in my mouth. And the mere thought of honey made chills go up and down my spine.

So... this time, I'm thinking maybe I should have some other things on hand as well. So far I have Recharge (the healthy thirst quencher... not all the refined sugars that are in Gatorade), a few bottles of Vitamin water (focus and energy), a couple of pre-made vegan energy bars, and Emergen-C packets.

Your lists or suggestions are welcome because I have no creativity at this point!
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as far as drinks go, i got a whole bunch of the new trinity flavored waters (i ended up liking them more than the vitamin waters), as well as every flavor of recharge, and a few bottles of organic lemonade. also got some bottled tazo teas (some of them are green tea, some herbal). i have emergen-c on hand as well.

for food, i stocked up on a lot of different things because as a first time mommy i have no clue as to what i will like during labor. i have many different varieties of crackers, a few types of cheeses, hummus, yogurt (i always just eat plain with a bit of maple syrup mixed in), lots of various fruit, frozen grapes, natural juice popsicles, nuts, and some energy bars. i'm also planning to put on some brown rice in the rice cooker during early labor so that there will be hot prepared rice for anyone who wants it.

my mw asked me to think about what i might possibly like for a postpartum meal, and i am kind of at a loss. if baby is born overnight/early morning i might like a big breakfasty meal of eggs, pancakes or toast. i just bought a big family size amy's frozen lasagna so that might fit the bill for lunch/dinner time. honestly, i would love for dh to go to the awesome sushi place down the street and pick up a huge variety of sushi rolls...that's what i dream of for a postpartum meal. yummm...
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instead of using water to make RRL tea i use apple juice and then i froze them into ice cubes and my labor partners beat them with a hammer to make them into small suckable pieces.
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I have yogurt, fruit but i want more strawberries (the kids finished them this morning), i forgot to buy my favorite soup, but I have a can of chicken broth. I have emergenc packets, almost forgot about those! I'll be making taco soup when i'm sure labor is starting, I looove that stuff, and either that or breakfast will be my postpartum meal depending on which I feel in the mood for (I have bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, bread for toast, hash browns. for the breakfast part. also cinnamon rolls. Yum!) Oh i got cranberry juice cocktail. I have lots of herbal tea. I wish I had rasberry leaf tea, but I don't.
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