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I felt him moving!

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I've been feeling these little butterfly bubbles for sometime. But yesterday, I distinctly felt a rap-tap-tapping from inside my belly - and later on, a summersault. I know it wasn't gas because my intestines don't live there anymore :LOL

This is week 20 for me. It was such a relief, too, since the surgery. I was walking on air the rest of the day. he he And I slept better than I have for WEEKS - ahhh

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Oh, congratulations!! Isn't it so exciting when you know for SURE that you're feeling the babe!

Enjoy all that baby stretching!!! It's definitely my favorite part of pregnancy....
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oh I am jealouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!! And so happy
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Isn't it the best thing?! I love feeling Jeremy move all the time.

Definitely my favorite thing about being pg

I'm getting to where I feel those bony little knees and elbows poking around.

I'm remembering dd's foot in my right rib from week 28 on. Ouch
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That is WONDERFUL!!!

The best feeling in the whole world!!


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I'm so glad that your babe put your mind at ease, Lori. I have been feeling my little friend for a little while, too!

Now you can ease into the new year as a very relaxed mama!

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MHM: that's fantastic!!!! It's such a wonderful, strange, exciting feeling. My little guy has been movin around for about 4 weeks now (I'm 21w4d), and just a couple days ago I started seeing my belly move when I feel him! It's amazing!!! DH was feeling a little left out of the experience, but he finally felt him kick a couple days before Christmas & was sooo excited. He hasn't seen my belly move yet, as he's a fireman and spends full days away from home, but I'm hoping around 10pm tonight our little guy will put on a show for him to see!

Congratulations and how EXCITING for you!

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That's wonderful, Lori!

I had the same thing going on... for the last month, I was *pretty sure* that I was feeling the Spawn, a lot of bubbles and fluttering but nothing truly definitive. Then one day I got whacked and I knew for sure it was Spawn and oh it was just the most reassuring feeling. Mike got to feel it too. He and Xiola used to 'play' together, pushing back and forth on me till I got tired of the game...

It's hard to beleive that those gentle movements will be strong enough to wake you up in a few more months! In the weeks before Xiola was born, she got in the habit of waking up and kicking madly around 4 am, right after my 3am pee and before my 5am can't-wait-till-morning snack. I was one tired mama those last few weeks...

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The most exciting feeling in the world!!!! (until you feel that beautiful body slide out . . . : ) It just makes it all so REAL!

Congratulations! You're going to love the next few months of jumping, rolling, kicking and hiccuping!

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Congrats! What a wonderful feeling that is! I miss it ! Enjoy every moment of it!

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