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Are you psychically connected?

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Do you feel like you're communicating with your bundle without words?

It's a strange duality. At the fish store (aquarium) I was looking at the fish, and wondering about them, and I got this distinct feeling, like a tugging, that I should be explaing a little more what I was looking at So, I started thinking about the fish differently - I sort of imagined I was unschooling in the womb and the little tugging went away, and I felt a sort of "um-hum".

Sometimes when I think - what are you doing in there? I get an answer, either butterfiles or a "thought".

Earlier on, I was meditating on the bundle, and I thought, tell me you're there. And I felt a distinct swish from one side of my belly to the other. It was so startling. And it came immediately as a response to my question. I think it didn't happen again because I was so startled the first time. And I was trying to be so cool - oh, yeah, hi there

The whole thing is so cool.
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I know what you mean! I didn't feel good one day and thought, 'why aren't you moving Jeremy?'. Right then he moved. My friend at work agrees...
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All the time; I felt like I was on some sort of webcam with a continuous observer.

I told Dd about it, and how when I prepared for my amnio I explained everything that was going to happen, and how Dd should stay still and far away from the needle (I called it a little probe) entry site.

When we got there to do it, they put the ultrasound on, and Dh was alarmed; last time she was moving all over. Dd was quiet in a far recess.

There was another ultrasound where they wanted her to turn her head and she wouldn't. I kept asking her, finally I turned my head and "said," like this. An instant later, she turned her's.

Once they are out, the communication is probably never as good.
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I agree that there is definitely communication of some sort going on... I swear, Xiola had a sense of humor and shared it freely. I kind of got in the habit of talking to her as I went about my day. Now if only she had been as cooperative as Curious's dd... any pleas on my behalf for Xiola to quit punching my bladder or poking my cervix were only met with renewed enthusiasm. When she got bigger, she would actually 'play' with Mike (both of them pushing back and foth through my belly till I could'nt take anymore and had to end the game) and would jump around whenever he talked to her. She recognized the word 'baby' and would kick if she heard it, even if it was just on the radio.

Nowadays, I sit around a lot like Al Bundy, only with both hands down my pants so I can feel Spawn move. When I wonder when I will feel another kick, so comes another kick...

I don't think there *is* any being cool about it. To carry a life inside you is such a miracle in itself... this is my second pregnancy and it still just blows my mind. I kind of pity women who go through their pregnancy without ever acknowledging and appreciating the awareness and intelligence of their little passenger...

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How can you not be connected to a little sentient being inside of you! We just have been brain washed by our culture that this is wierd.

I have heard countless stories of moms who tell their child how to get into a better position when they are having a difficult birth due to positioning or tell the baby during a stress test to move every so often so they won't have to repeat the thing.

I have told this child several times where to put her head and butt so she won't be so crowded and can quit stomping on my liver and ribs. And when she finds the overall position we are both so much happier. I will pat the spot I want her to move to and say, 'put your head right here sweetie, there more room this way', and she will. I haven't really noticed her noticing the world except when she is wide awake in the middle of the night, she must transfer it to me and then I can't sleep either. The little stinker! I'm supposed to get a few months more sleep before that starts, right?

Also, I just automatically call her a girl, for no good reason except, she feels like a girl. Is that telepathy? I also tell her sometimes that its okay if she is a boy and I am just confused.
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yeah. I hate it when "experts" act like that's impossible. what do they know? only what they can see, or choose to. I don't think it's weird at all. I think I'm blessed. I do think it's unfortunate when women pass up this oppertunity by ignoring the signs. I know it's not just me in here.
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I have been thinking about this subject for a few days now. I'm not sure if it's because both she(the baby)and I are females or maybe because I just wasn't "tuned in" with my boys, but I feel so connected to her. What an experience to house another soul and another life force inside your body. I have know from the moment I found out I was pregnant that she was a girl. I have even gone so far as to predict her arrival date. I was looking thru a book I have on astrology and birthdays, and got to a certain day (Jan. 24) and it was like, OMG, that's her right there. I feel like I know who she is already. It's such a magical feeling. It does make me sad that I didn't feel this way the other two times. I think I was just so wrapped up in what a whinning, miserable mess I was "suppose" to be.
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Another thought... when we acknowledge that there's a real person in there and we treat baby that way, don't you think it carries over after the baby is born?

I'm much more in tune this pregnancy than last although it's not as though I didn't acknowledge Elana while still in the womb.

This pregnancy has been easier... mostly because I drink more water, eat a little better and exercise. I love being pregnant and am hoping to convince dh of the need for one more child to make our family complete. We need to be a family of five! and I need to be pregnant one more time!
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Dd1 surprised us bigtime by obeying DH when he asked her to kick him in the face! The first time it seemed like a fluke, so he tried again and she kicked him in the face again. She was very tuned in to him, apparently. The only times she kicked BIG like that were when HE was talking to her. And now she really is a Daddy's girl.

This baby is more active in general though still very quiet. The baby doesn't seem to respond to Matt at all except to become still. Maybe it's just listening? But I was also noticing the other day that just when I start to worry that the baby hasn't been moving, it starts to wiggle around a lot. I have heard other people say that it's just because you weren't paying attention to it the rest of the day... but I notice when the baby is active like that - little movements are one thing, but these are the kind that make my belly dance! In truth, this baby reminds me of my dad. He's a quiet but fun loving guy and I feel like this baby is going to be like that too. Plus, a lot of the foods I've been compelled to eat are some of my dad's favorite things.. that I don't ordinarily eat. Can't wait to meet this baby!
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We are still a bit early in this pg at 11 weeks... The boys (4 & 2) tell the baby they love it... The kiss my tummy and talk to the baby... I tell them she can hear them... See at 11 weeks we don't know it's a girl, but i have a feeling... I keep having really good girl names, and no boy names... With the boys we could only think of boy names, and NO girl names we could agree on... Any back on track...

I didn't particularly "feel" any emotions or anything from the boys, and i really didn't have many baby dreams, but the baby dreams i did have all had boys in them... And i had boys... So think women "know" stuff before any of it can be proven... If that at all makes sense....

Warm Squishy Feelings...

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