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What size shoes does your 3 year old wear?

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I just went to buy winter shoes for my three year old, and he's wearing a 12! Is that huge? I am just curious!
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I think it is pretty big....my DS is wearing the same and he just turned three last week.
However he is also wearing size 4/5 clothing....I imagine your son is doing the same?
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lol... my large footed 2.7y old wears a size 9, so I wouldn't be suprised if I'm buying size 12s for him during his 3rd year! His feet are much larger then his peers' though...
Hey, at least we know they won't blow over in a stiff wind!
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My 18mo wears a 7.5 :LOL
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My 3 y/o is in 12's, wear 4t/5t pants, and 5t shirts. 4's can also be worn for length, but he is such a beanpole they are too loose, and I like the elastic waists on t-sizes so he can go potty without my help. He's always had huge feet! His first pair were 6's, and he got new ones every 2-3 months after that, sometimes jumping 2 sizes in that time!! He is 40 3/8in tall.

We'll be shopping at special shoe stores in high school LOL.
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My 20 month old wears an 8.5

My kids all have big feet like their momma though (I wear a 10...my 4'11", 84 pound 12 year old DD wears a 9 women's already!)
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Well, it's good to know there are other toddlers out there with big feet :LOL

He's wearing a 5T in shirts and 4T in pants. The thing with pants is that, waistwise, he can wear at 3T but needs a 4 or 5 for the length. He's about 41 or 42" tall.

My husband has relatively small feet (I think a 9.5 or 10 in mens) and they are the same size as mine (8.5 or 9 in womens). We share shoes! I guess ds got my clown feet.

Now, my younger son is 17 months and only wearing a 5.

I just got to thinking about it, because I was talking to a friend whose 3 year old is only wearing a 7!
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My 3 y/o ds (turned 3 in August) wears a 9 shoe. He is in 3t shirts. But if I could design the perfect pant for him, it'd be 18 month waist and 3t length. His friend is the same age and wears a 8 shoe.
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My ds is almost 3 and he wears size 9.
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My 32 mo. old wears a 9, and a 3T in clothes. I know in Robeez the 2-3 yrs. is 8.5-10 and the 3-4 yrs. is 10-12/13, so it seems about right to me. My son wore a 6 last summer so a 12 next year would be right on track.
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My 3 yr old wears a 9. He needs 4t for shirts and either 3 or 4 for pants. He's a shorty, so sometimes a 2t works too.
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my girl isn't 3 (she's 21 months), but i totally had to get in on this.
k wears a 4.5. and she's not a peanut. she's about 33.5" and 25 lb. but has these MINITURE feet. it's so weird. her feet were HUGE when she was born. i guess they just stopped growing!
i know 7-8 is about normal for a 2 year old, so 9-10 is about average for a 3 year old-- i work in a children's clothing store and have picked up random sizing info.
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Wow that is tiny. My ds is 12 month and only just fits a 5. Just, as in his feet are so fat his sandles are on the last hole over his feet.
My dd who turns 4 in November wears a size 9 or 10 depending on the brand and has for ages now. Before turning 3 she went through two sizes per season. After turning 3 her foot growth ground to a snails pace. Phew! we had been going through a lot of shoes! A boy at our playgroup who turned 3 in July wears a 13, or is that a one? whatever comes after 12 in little kids shoes lol. There the biggest feet on a 3 year old I ever saw. But he's also an all over big boy, I bet in 15 years no body will mess with him! :LOL
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Yep, My dd is a tiny feeted one too. I thought she would never grow out of a size 3. She was a 3 from about 12-20 mos. She is now a 5.5-6, with the exception of a pair of sz 5 converse that I keep thinking she's outgrown and every time she wants to wear them they STILL FIT She has an entire box of shoes, because every time I found great deals on really nice ones I bought them. but they are ALL TOO BIG!
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My almost 4yr DS is wearing size 8-9 depending on the shoe.
And here I was thinking he had big feet.
Guess he is on the smaller side, hes also still wearing mostly 2T clothes though.
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will be 3 in a month and wears 9.5 in most shoes and 9s in Converse. I went and got her new shoes in September and the person at Nordstrom failed to tell me that Converse run a half size big so I got her 10s (b/c they don;t make half sizes) and they are HUGE on her! I may have to get her another pair in 9 so she can actually walk in them
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Dd1 will be 3 in late December, and she wears a size 7 (though I think we'll have to upgrade to a size 8 before the month is out).
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You know just today I brought my DD to have her feet measured b/c my mom wants to get her ballet shoes. She measured at 8 and the saleslady said the ballet shoes should be a size 9 or 9.5 than she added, "You're a big girl. " to my daughter. The tone in her voice made me think DD might have big feet. I guess not.
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My three year old is in a size 10 shoe.
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my guy wears size 11 and will need 12's before long. he turned 3 july 30th.
and he wears size 5T shirts, but just to have the length in arms and torso, but his small heiney and hips can still wear some 2T shorts, needs 4T pants just to be long enough but they are loose in the waist. he has dad's long legs and arms and fingers and....yep, that other thing that the wives' tale says is long on boys with big feet...... : did i just say that??

yes, i did, and i am trying HARD to help him develop his sparkling, genuine personality so he doesn't just grow up to be "the jerk with the big....feet."
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