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Goodness, my dd has tiny feet!!! She is 4.5 and wears a size 7
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my 3 year old is in a 7.5 to an 8 in "real" shoes.

She fits in the 2-3 year Robeez. We really love the Robeez!
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Originally Posted by crunchyconmomma
and he wears size 5T shirts, but just to have the length in arms and torso, but his small heiney and hips can still wear some 2T shorts, needs 4T pants just to be long enough but they are loose in the waist. he has dad's long legs and arms and fingers and....yep, that other thing that the wives' tale says is long on boys with big feet...... : did i just say that??

yes, i did, and i am trying HARD to help him develop his sparkling, genuine personality so he doesn't just grow up to be "the jerk with the big....feet."

Yeah, that was going to be my next thread, "How big is your 3 year old's....uh....foot!"

My son must be built just like yours. My dh watches the boys during the day while I work, so he is the one to get them dressed in the morning. Often this summer, I would get home to find my 3 year old wearing his brothers shorts. Size 24 month. They fit fine in the waist and I guess since they were shorts, dh didn't notice how short they were!
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My 3 yo dd wears a 9 shoe. In clothes she wears 4-5T. She is bigger than her older sister was at her age.
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My DD is 3-3/4 yrs old and she wears a size 8 shoe. For clothes, she wears a 4T for pants and dresses or a size 4 in girls, sometimes a 5/6 (girls) or 5T for tops or sweaters.
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Originally Posted by witchbaby
i know 7-8 is about normal for a 2 year old, so 9-10 is about average for a 3 year old-- i work in a children's clothing store and have picked up random sizing info.
I knew that my dd didn't have big feet! My older one is seven and wears a 12 - 12.5 and when I took her in to find sandles a few months ago, I found that almost all of the sandles size 12 and up are platform shoes. I asked how they expected little kids to run in those and they told me that kids aren't usually into that size until pre-teen and that dd had very big feet!

At 3, my little one (who is now 5) wore a 5.5 - 6 (she's a tiny person) and my older dd wore about a 7, if I remember correctly.
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My 2 year old wears a size 6.5. My 4 year old wears a size 10.5.
3T clothes for the little guy, 5T for older brother.
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My 3yo wears an 8.5-9 shoe. She's average height and very thin. She wears a 3T and I have to take in the waist. But while we're on the subject....
My husband is a holistic physician and he has noticed a pattern in this country for shoe stores, etc. to put people in shoes that are actually too small. He is now on a crusade sort of speak to get people into the correct size shoe...I used to wear a 7.5-8 until he checked my shoes/feet and now I'm in a 9.5-10. So...in honor of him, I'm encouraging you all to all go up a size- until the shoe is obviously too big.
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My 20 month old wears between a 7.5 and an 8. His feet are bigger than his peers. Im hoping it means he'll be tall because he is currently on the short side.
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4t pants, 3t/4t shirt and depending on manufacturer btw 9 and 10 shoes. and she is a girl!!!
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My 3.75 year old wears size 11 shoes.

He is very tall, 42 inches, but thin, about 36 lbs.
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