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Trip, I had it in 2000

For everyone else, how did you dispose of the Lovenox syringes? I don't have a sharps container so for now I'm just triggering that safety cap thing and hiding them from dd and hoping home health brings me one.
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ok, just did my shot and i've noticed something odd, on my left side I don't feel much, very little burning and by tomorrow you can't tell I injected. My right side however, burns like a and feels sore for hours and you can tell where I injected still 3 days later because of brusing. Any ideas on this?
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Originally Posted by orangefoot
Diaperin mama What an awful thing to have happened, I am so sorry. You may have looked at this page already but section 5 has a loooong list of all the things you can be tested for to see if you have an underlying condition which caused your situation. The documents produced by eMedecine for PSD are reliable so I think this one is also likely to be so.
Wow. My head is spinning just reading through that. I'd like to print it out and read it more thoroughly (and when I'm not so tired) just so I can process it. Thank you for the link though.

Originally Posted by orangefoot
What did the haemo say? If he was just happy that your bloods were back to normal and that was it - harrass him for a load of tests and brace yourself for armfuls of blood to be taken.
I had other questions for him so he spent a lot of time w/me, but honestly, I followed up with him 3 weeks post-partum and I wasn't all that prepared w/questions and such...not like I am now. My blood was back to normal and I had general questions but nothing in depth. I'd be interested to schedule a consult w/him now that my mind has cleared a little bit and I have additional questions.
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Satori - you might have injected closer to a capillary or vein on your right side than you did on your left. I used arnica gel on my injection sites to help with pain and bruising - it did wonders.

As for the used needles, I had a sharps container that my doc got for me. It came with prepaid postage and a box to send it in when it was full.
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Hi Amy

It really wasn't my intention to freak you out, sorry. At first all these kind of things are hard to take in so it is a good idea to speak to the haemo again now that you have some different questions.

It is always useful to tell your specialists what you know then they can fiil you in where you don't have any info or provide clarification on points that seem fuzzy. This is also easier for him or her than wondering what to tell you and what to leave out, so don't think that you are being pushy; the more you know the better equipped you are to deal with what may come.

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Hello all,
I know a few of you from P&BL and am so glad that ST started this thread. I am heterozygous for MTHFR and discovered this after my daughter was stillborn at 39 weeks in November. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and doing lovenox injections daily. I think this thread will be a great support!
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Re: the lovenox syringes
I use to stick them in a lidded coffee can, and being generally irresponsible about such things, just chucked it in the trash. But - my sister would tote them back to the doctor's office on visits and they would dispose of them there for her.
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Originally Posted by ST
Lisa, I'm glad you're getting some answers finally. I commented on your blog recently (username: mamanaz)
Thanks ST - I appreciated your comment. I was so glad to hear of the safe arrival of Na'im.

Just curious everyone - how long did it take for you to get your blood test results? I know they're not a typical overnight sensation.


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Mine took nearly a month to come back, iirc.
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I have APA and am slightly deficient in protein S.
Like Amy I just had an incidence of DIC following a d&c after a miscarriage. My head is still spinning and I'm still pretty weak. I will be seeing a hemo soon. My last dose of heparin was almost 48hrs before my d&c so they don't think it had anything to do with my bleeding out, but still, I think I'm far too afraid to attempt another pregnancy.

Oh and you are supposed to LEAVE the bubble in on Lovenox and Fragmin. Inject it at the end (as was described)
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Late intro, just now discovering this forum!

I have the MTHFR mutation in both alleles. This means I am predisposed to clots, cancer, and general freaky cardiovascular issues. I developed a large clot when I was pregnant with dd1, and I was on Lovenox during my entire pregnancy (and 6 weeks postpartum) with dd2.

As for the stinging issue with Lovenox -- I found that if I pushed the syringe in verrryyyy slowly, the stinging lessened tremendously. The first shot was definitely the hardest for me -- after the first few times, it was no big deal.

Now, one doc says I should be on coumadin forever, another says that as long as I substantially up my folate, Vit B12 and B6, I should be fine. (The MTHFR mutation makes it difficult for me to metabolize these vitamins, but if I greatly increase my intake, I should be okay.)

If anyone wants to discuss anything about Lovenox, etc., and for some reason doesn't want to post to the general public, feel free to pm me.
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I have yet another question!

It took me almost 30 min to do my shot tonight, why? because I had trouble finding a site! My skin is pretty white on my tummy and with the pregnancy the veins and arteries are becoming very apparent. What happens if I accidentally inject into a vein? That air bubble makes me nervous
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Th air bubble made me nervous, too -- but look at it this way: Lovenox is dispensed for amateur, at-home injection on a very common basis. If there were any big risk for someone to muck it up and kill themselves accidentally, the folks who make Lovenox could be sued big-time. So the risk is probably very minimal.

That's what I used to think when feeling nervous, it made me feel a bit better.

As for injection site, try this: put your right hand over your belly button, center of palm resting on center of navel. For me, it was easiest to inject in the areas where my fingers covered the skin. Outside of that range are too many nerves, my skin was too sensitive, etc. Just don't inject within an inch of the navel itself (as I'm sure you already know).


(as I'm sure you already know).
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I have prothrombin 20210 mutation (also known as Factor II). It was found during my first pregnancy, halfway through, once an ultrasound revealed our son wasn't growing properly. We later lost him at 26 weeks. We started Fragmin (similar to Lovenox) injections as soon as we found the IUGR but it was too late.

With my 2nd son I did Fragmin twice a day from 6 weeks on. He measured small the entire second half of my pregnancy. By the 38th week I knew something was really wrong when he was moving a lot less. So we went to the hospital and he was delivered via emergency csection (I had to be put completely under because I couldn't have an epidural b/c the Fragmin was still in my system) at 4 pounds. He was clearly IUGR. My placenta was really small and somewhat calcified. It was a huge scare. However we were able to go home after 5 days in the NICU and he is now a happy and healthy 27 pound, 21 month old. Should I get pregnant again, I will take asprin along with the shots as we think I have an antibody issue as well.
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It's one of the main reasons I don't want to have any more biological children - it was just too stressful.
So glad to know I'm not the only one with these sentiments. I know others who have to deal with these same issues, but they all agree they will get pregnant again because it is so worth it. I feel like an ogre to feel the way I do - but man it is just so freaking stressful. Going into those biweekly ultrasounds was so nervewracking it was like torture. We probably will have another, but I am so not looking forward to those 9 months. Ugh.
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Thread Starter 
Hey everyone,
Angela, congratulations on your new pregnancy! How exciting

Welcome RedWine.

Lisa- my results came back in a little over a week. My peri had my blood drawn and sent to a special lab (not Quest).

Delta, I'm sorry for the loss of your firstborn. We have the same disorder. I'm sorry that it affected your second pregnancy too, but thank goodness your dc is okay!

Shannon- welcome and

Satori, I've injected into a vein before and the only thing that happened is that I got a big hematoma (bruise) that took forever to go away.

As for me, I am 4 weeks post partum and I've decided I'm done with the lovenox shots. For whatever reason, my belly is extremely sensitive now and I can't inject myself anymore. I'm mobile again, so I'm going to just keep active and eat my ginger and garlic daily. I think I'll be fine.

I have 2 boxes of lovenox left if anyone is interested in them (Satori- are you the only one on lovenox right now?). You can have them for shipping only if you like- just pm me.
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I swear you ladies must be sick of my questions by now. I have a new one

Tonight when I did my shot when I pulled out the needle blood actually shot out and there was actually blood in the needle when I forced the safety cover. Did I hit a vein?
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Yep, you hit a vein or a vessel, no big deal but you'll probably have a big bruise there. Just to make you feel better--Lovenox, Fragmin and Heparin can all be given IV (which is how I'm taking it since now they're concerned I've got a minor PE after going into DIC)
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Originally Posted by shannon0218
Yep, you hit a vein or a vessel, no big deal but you'll probably have a big bruise there. Just to make you feel better--Lovenox, Fragmin and Heparin can all be given IV (which is how I'm taking it since now they're concerned I've got a minor PE after going into DIC)
Actually that does make me feel better I was worried about it getting into my system so quickly when its supposed to be absorbed slowly. Thank you
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Yeah, the absorbing slowly is mainly to avoid burning in the vein. They gave it to me pretty much straight up in emerg when my heartrate was 178 and I had chest pain. They diluted it for the other treatments (and I was thankfull for that ) Let me tell you, 5cc of it going straight into an arm vein--very ouchie!!
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