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Reflux or what?

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At least once every other day (usually every day, though) Logan will projectile vomit his whole meal all over me & anything near me. He gets this look on his face just beforehand like he's sort of gagging on something so I'm not convinced it's reflux. He's pretty content most of the time but does have times when he seems to be in pain (mainly in the mornings). I was thinking it was gas for a while but now I'm not so sure. He's not always the best burper & when he does burp he spits up a small amount. My other boys haven't had this problem so I'm not really sure what to look for, if anything. What do you think it is? Is there anything I could be doing to help him out?


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tough one...

Try to keep him upright during and for 20 minutes after a feeding.

When you change him, roll him to the side rather than lifting up his bottom.

And check the carseat, the foam backing, should extend to the bottom of thebucket..if it doesn't hit up the fabric store and pick up enough to fill in the 'gap'.

That should help (tips from my chiro)
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as for knowing if it's truly reflux or not....I believe you have to have a barium test...we never did that with ds..but he was finally said to have reflux when he was 3. So..Kate sounds just like he did, and he just had a 'touch' of it...so I know she does too.
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