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Big hugs Mama!!

My ds was such a struggle. He was so fussy, we had thrush, he had problems when I ate certain foods, he had torticollis (sp?). Poor kiddo. It does get better, he grew out of it all by about 4mos and is a sweet kiddo at 3 yrs!

My dd 2mos is just getting over the constant fussies. I think that my milk must just be really rich or that I have an overactive letdown because she fussed a ton right after nursing her first 6 wks.
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I am kind of new here, but our September baby is a fussy one as well, but my none September babies were fussy too. The first several months were pretty hard with the others. I found swaddling with our new little baby boy. Believe it or not, he calms down, when I do swaddle him for the night, the most he wakes up is three times during one night and he goes back to sleep almost immediately after he is done. He is gassy as well so I wear him a lot during the day and that helps with that. We tried Gripe water as well and I believe it helped him some, but there are still some better day and some worse, but the swaddling seems to work from the day I tried it. HTH, ANIKO
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That book has also kept me sane through the fussiness! I can only imagine that Max would be heaps more fussy and for longer periods if I wouldn't have started using the 5 steps from the beginning! I also agree that it's an easy read and seems to make perfect sense.

I have no idea if I really have a fussy baby or not. Sometimes I think he's a perfect angel and other times I just can't handle hearing him cry anymore. It probably has to do with how well rested I am. This is my first child so I have noone to compare him too.

Lately he's been spitting up a lot....even though he didn't spit up at all for the first month of his life. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I worry that it's upsetting to him and hope it passes soon.

Mother to Max, born on 9-17-05 http://www.mothering.com/discussions...e=1&p=3966685#
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