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How soon after sex did you feel pregnant?

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We've been TTC about 8 months. I have a 2.5 year old and am still nursing.

Every single month I get PMS and think I'm pregnant. I get crampy and moody and munchy. Then I get my period.

DH and I had sex about four days ago and I feel really weird now. I believe I was ovulating at the time. Sore, full feeling boobs, sore nipples, cramping, digestion problems, anxiety and then tonight I noticed a little bit of sciatica which I haven't had since the weeks just after DD was born.

It is possible to have pregnancy symptoms so soon? Am I being very silly?

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I felt pregnant a few days after having sex. I had an incredible wave of nausea, and then began feeling an "electricity" in my abdomen. I don't think it is too soon for you to be feeling things. Some women are very sensitive to slight hormonal shifts. I actually had a positive pregnancy test about a week before my period was due. Sure enough, 38 weeks later, dd was born!
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I "felt" pregnant within a few days of conceiving. It was torture, since both Dh and I "knew" I was pregnant but it took 2 weeks to get a positive test.
Good luck
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I'v felt the same thing three months ago. I also feal movement that reminds me of first time but I think I must be imagining this. Well I just took my third test and it's still negative. no period? What is going on?

Uh oh Sorry to highjack your thread bean mama
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When I was pregnant with DD, it was just like regular pms for me. I definitely knew I was pregnant when af was due and I had spotting but no period. I just had this feeling, I just knew it without any sort of doubt whatsoever.
The only sign before then that couldn't have been explained away by unsual pms, was the way my dog and cat were super sweet to me and followed me around everywhere I went.
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The first time, I knew at five days. The second time, after ttc for a year, I didn't know until day 14 when I got a positive test(and temp was still up). I gave up hope so fast every month because i figured I'd know right away. Wrong! It's so different every time, which can give ttc'ers hope, or just more frustration.:
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I'm really bad at keeping track of dates and things, so I'm not even sure when my last AF was. When it comes down to it, it is just a waiting game.

Thanks for the sympathy, TTC sisters! XOXOXOX
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the moment I concieved, we both knew it....
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Originally posted by Angiemama
the moment I concieved, we both knew it....
Yes. With my first daughter I knew that night. My Dh and I made love and during the night I had a dream that I was a little girl and found a baby mermaid on the ground after a flood. I awoke from the dream feeling incredibly quesy and thought, "Oh, I'll bet I'm finally pregnant." That hasn't happened this time.
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Bean Mama, that is such an amazing story! I bet your little girl will love to hear how you had a dream about her and knew you were pregnant.
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Never felt any early pg symptoms! Actually, I lied. With my first, by breasts hurt a lot worse than normal but other than that, no symptoms until six weeks when the m/s hit.

I'm no help. Sorry.

Violet 7-14-00
Zoe EDD 2-14-03

~*~*~*~*~*~~*~but here's some spare baby dust~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
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Both times, the sex itself was different. Like my body "sucked it up" (TMI? :LOL)

But I didn't feel much for 10 days or so.
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Bean Mama~I feel your agony! Dh and I were playing w/ fire on New Year's day and I am feeling like I may be pg. I read your post to see what other's had to say about early pg signs. I have been so tired this week and feeling "funny." And I think I may have ovulated around the 1st...Ds is almost 13 months and I will be happy either way. He is still nursing and we'll make things work somehow if I am pg. Best wishes to you! Please keep us posted.
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Not pregnant. Sigh.

I've got to figure out a way to just be mellow. I can't take this disappointment every month.

Why aren't we getting pregnant? It's so frustrating.

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So sorry Bean Mama. I can't even imagine the roller coaster of emotions you have been going through. I send you all my love and warm wishes. Hopefully this next cycle will be The One!
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Bean Mama~My best advice to you is to have sex every other day and learn as much as you can about your fertility signs. I'm sorry for your disappointment. It took us along time to get pg w/ ds and I remember the feeling.

I won't know if I'm pg for a few more weeks. I am getting plenty of rest but feel tired and that butterfly feeling in my mid section. But I've been wrong before. I'be been getting headaches, very thirsty and hungry too. Who knows!

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I'm not pg

Hi, Bean Mama! I hope you are doing well and hanging in there. I am not pg and I think I am definately going to wait at least six more months to try. Dh got let go from his job so our priorities have changed and in the process we realized ds isn't ready for a sibling yet and we aren't ready for another yet. But I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and your family!

Also, I found some neat links about fertility and basil temps that help to figure out when you're ovulating. Here they are and I hope they help: http://fertilityrhythms.com/ovulation.htm

Best wishes to you!!!
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Curly locks - thanks for the links! They seem really helpful.

I'm sorry you are going through a hard time. Hopefully, the time will come when it will be right to have another child.

This is a new month and a new opportunity for us. I'm going to try not to be so obsessive from now on and let fate fun it's course.
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