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I think I have been doing too much...

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I have been feeling great even though it has only been two weeks after my c-section. Right now I am not feeling so great. I had to take a pain pill- the first time in about 4 days. I guess I have to tell myself not to do so much, but it is really hard with three kids and knowing that we are going to move into a new apartment on Nov. 15. Good thing my dh is so great and is doing a lot to help out when he is not working.

Anyone else find themselves overdoing it a bit?
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Every time I leave my house, I start bleeding again. So yes.
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I am doing too much. I really forgot how bad lack of sleep takes it's toll on me. I've never had this little sleep. Today I have a stomach ache, head ache, feel achy all over. Not bleeding, but cramping quite a bit.

It made me think, "what the heck am I going to do if I get sick?" I guess mommies aren't allowed to get sick!

Take it easy, ladies...errands can wait, ok? Take care of yourselves so you can take care of your babes! And, maybe I'll listen to a bit of my own advice.
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I have left my house everyday since the day I got home from the hospital. I need to stay home one day, but I have so much to do all the time its hard.
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I am also two weeks pp after C sec and boy do I know when I have done to much. I mostly have incision tenderness but when I do to much I get all crampy again. Drinking tons of water tends to help me alot and the occasional Ibprofren (sp?) I haven't had to take the heavy stuff for about a week now. Also I am fighting off a cold so that kinda slows me down a bit.

I'm right there with ya Mamma only four more weeks and everything should feel great again.
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Originally Posted by Galatea

Every time I leave my house, I start bleeding again. So yes.
: I probably would have stopped bleeding a week ago if I could just have a day to do nothing but sit.

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that here too! I stopped bleeding after 2 weeks with Jack, I'm sure that my unwillingness to stay couped up with 2 kids all day and the fact that I still have to take care of Jack, I'd be done bleeding now. 23 days and counting....but it's ok, it's such a tiny bit I could easily get away with not changing my pad for a whole day, maybe more! (but I do change it as often as possible lol)

I am ready to stop bleeding though. I know if I stayed in bed or on the sofa for a full day, just getting up to pee or rock Kate I'd probably stop bleeding for a while.
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I'm feeling good and not feeling like I'm doing too much most of the time, but occasionally it hits me that I need to take it easy - which is not easy with four children!!! I've been out and about since Coren was 6 days old ... I just NEEDED to get out of the house.

Bleeding - At my 2 week checkup I hadn't bled for over 24 hours and was excited...and when I got home I had some bleeding - and things have been hectic since then and I have a bit of bleeding every day. Just waiting for it to go away... hopefully soon. I know if I parked myself on the couch for a day or two that would probably do the trick, but I have things to do!
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Down to pinkish to brown spotting....very annoying now...I could use a day in bed or on the sofa though.......no such luck...I too have stuff to do! lol
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I am right there with ya Amanda : but just think that means we are closer to stopping right? right??? please tell me I'm right
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nak... lol PC...I THINK it means were almost done, but I've been down to this a few times...now it's all brown,and it smells like the end of my period...for the last 5 days
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Mine is finally gone! (5 weeks pp) I am so happy - I was starting to get grossed out by it. :LOL

I've been doing too much since day 2, but I've been feeling really good. Funny how much is different with baby#2 than the first. I would never have had ds1 out of the house this early, but with ds2, we were out and about at 2 weeks! I totally hurt myself catapulting out of bed last night for the middle of the night feeding. Apparently there is a reason they say a c-sec isn't fully healed for 6 weeks. OUCH.
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:Puke Amanda I hate that stench the only time I really feel the need to douche and I can't I'm down to very very lite staining. hurray for mini pads :LOL
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