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TTC and feeling guilty?

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I'm new to this board but think I'll be spending some time here. I'm a SAHM to a DS age 4 and DD age 15 mos. They are easy going great children. DH is sooo ready to start for #3-he's been ready for about 3 mos. But here's the rub-I'm still nursing my 15 mos old regularly and I'm feeling guilty about getting pregnant and then mostly drying up and making her wean for the most part. I also know that I'll have a good 6 mos where I just won't have the energy to do as much with them and they are very active kids.
I'm 34 and know I'm not getting any younger so ideally, I should do this now if we're going to have #3. (We're also open to more kids so that's another reason to hurry up) I also want a fall baby so these next 2 mos would be the prime time.
If I wasn't nursing I don't think I'd hesitate but I just hate to force weaning.
BTW-I've been having my period for about 6 mos and I know I'm ovulating so even though I'm nursing I don't think it should affect conceiving.
What do others think about this? My husband thinks I'm nutty and that DD will wean easily. I'm not so sure so I need some more objective feedback.
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I don't really have any advice for you but wanted to give you a
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First of all, there are many kiddos who nurse all the way through a pregnancy. My oldest son was 20 months when I got pg with number two and he weaned himself very gently when I was three months pregnant. He went from nursing several times everyday to once a day to once every other day to once every few days until he just never asked again. It was gentle, beautiful, stressless and entirely initiated by him. Just because there was little milk there didn't mean that I forced him to wean. I would have tandem nursed if he had wanted. I also would have let him try again when the baby came if he had asked, but he never did.

If you get pregnant and your son weans, please do not feel guilty. It will still be his choice. If he doesn't wean then you can tandem nurse. I was personally glad that my son weaned because I was so tired that it was a blessing.

The lactation consultants at the Breastfeeding support group at Mercy in IC have both had experience with tandam nursing and nursing through pregnancies. If you are ever interested in going to the meeting, let me know and I'll meet you there.
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