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Baby clothes

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Anyone else wonder why it is that alot of sleeper style outfits seem to allow for LOTS of room in the hips? Even with dd2 in cd's she still has clearance on each side in a several of her outfits. I mean she looks like she has birthing hips for heaven's sake! Maybe on a chubbier baby that isn't an issue? I remember ds had a few outfits like that too, and I just about fell off the couch the first time I put him in one. :LOL
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All of dd's clothes are way to big for her right now even over a CD she is just swimming in everything the outfit we brought her home in is preemie sized and has that same birthing hips issue :LOL
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Coren doesn't have that problem! At around 12 lbs, around 22.5/23 inches, and in cloth diapers he fills things out very well! :LOL
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:LOL Same here. Dd is busting out the feet of her 0-3's but even with CD's & wool covers she's got booty room.
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