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Why can't i pick boy names?

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I can come up with a dozen possible girl names, but not really any boy names!!! Papasoleil would really like to call our possible son Zachary...which I really like..but apparently it's one of the most popular names right now...and I have a common name, which i hated...Soleil's is original...see my dilemna?????

Anyway..I've thought of Xavier, Makalo, and Aiden...but I know Papasoleil won't like them...it's so frustrating!!!
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Perhaps you're having a girl?

Who knows?? Zachary is a nice name (with dh's heritage, we'd use Zakaria--but then wouldn't because it sounds like something bad in an indigenous language), which is probably why it is popular. But Xavier is nice, too. If we have another son, he'll probably be Aissa (means Jesus). We're into prophet names--Ishmael/Ismail, Isaac/Ishaq, Moses/Musa, Abraham/Ibrahim, Elijah/Ilyas. Think about what's meaningful to you, and work from there. The sound will make sense to you after the meaning, I think.

Besides--you've got time, right?
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Same thing for us...first time around we were all set with a girl's name but a ds was another matter. Now we are at a loss again. But since dh rejected the name I really loved for ds, I'll offer it to you: Ruben

When we were looking at name books we had a hard time seeing anything as standing out. We had much better success looking a the credits in a cookbook! And actually it's an easier way for me to see names now when they are written in a way of actually naming someone rather than empty of personality in a long alphabetized list.
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Ugh. We had a terrible time naming our boys! Both of them had girl names until we found out their sexes at 32 weeks! It was so stressfull! Dh and argued and argued and argued.....

Finally, we both started admitting to boy names that we each liked, but hadn't really wanted to admit. You know, names we liked the sound of or admired a little bit, but thought "Well, I wouldn't name *my* child that for this or that reason. But then when we finally got desperate and started saying those names out loud, we started agreeing and eventually a name just "stuck" for each of the kids and became "the name" and then we felt really happy about it. Our children have names that neither of us would have chosen on our own, but that we have ended up really loving.

I don't want to give their actual names on the internet, but here are a few that fell into that catagory of "almost didn't admit to liking but do..."


Pm me if you want to know their actual names.

Good luck!
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we were convinced we were having a boy, and couldn't agree on a name.. in passing, we both like Ana Christina *in the unlikely* case it was a girl.. and went back to arguing about boy names..

in the end.. we had a girl

you have time, and I believe things work out in the end (so maybe you're having a girl... or maybe you'll come up with a wonderful boy-name you both love when you least expect it)

I know, saying "don't worry, it'll work out" is easier said than done.

best of luck!
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Every name I had picked out for my babies didn't fit when I finally met them. I firmly believe they'll let you know what they should be named when you look into their little eyes.............
Maya wasn't named for three weeks! before I chose her name......I just couldn't find a name perfect enough for her deep black eyes and ageless expressions........I knew she was an old, old soul, and needed a name with much meaning.
You don't need to woory about names until you meet the baby, but it is soooooo much fun picking them out!
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Hmmmm...I like Aiden!
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I've always thought Orion would be a cool name for a boy, but I've never met anyone with that name.
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Hmm, lets see. Zaccheus & Zacharias are two variations on Zachary. I like the name "Zander," Vin Diesel's name on his newest movie. Its just kinda cool......we had a girl, though...you're right...much easier to pick names.

Good luck!

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Of those you listed, I like Xavier. You pretty much have to (well, you don't have to - but I think) go with another original name. Soleil and John don't go together! Zachary is a nice name but not in the same genre as Soleil.
I went to school with a boy named Orion. That would go with Soleil. Also know a woman with a son named Zander (or maybe they spell it Xander - I think her may be an Alexander but they always call him Xander so maybe not).
It does seem to be easier to use an less common name for a girl than for a boy. I would go with something known but a little unusual (like Xavier, Orion, or Xander).
One baby name book I like is named something like "Beyond Jennifer and Jason". It lists names not alphabetically but in small groups that go together by style or nationality or amount of gender obviousness. If you look up Soleil (if it is in there) in the index, it will list which pages it is on then you can see what other names make the same lists.
We always seem to have ten boy names and no girl names (and had two girls - preg with #3 - gender unknown).
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We have gotten worse and worse finding names for our babies. It culminated in the last time, when we hadn't picked a name yet when he was born (9 days overdue too :-) . Actually I really liked the way it ended up working out, it was easy to have to pick name for only one gender, and we also had a great naming ceremony when the baby was a week old. It worked out so well that I dont' think we'll bother picking names this time till the baby has been born and we can see who needs a name and what would fit her.

In the meantime, I think I'll come up with a few really horrible names that I can tell people I will name the baby if they bother us about baby names. We used Voldemort last time after he was born 'He who cannot be named', but I might re-use that for during this pregnancy to see how people react :-)

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quote "I think I'll come up with a few really horrible names that I can tell people I will name the baby if they bother us about baby names."

Ha ha ha! SOmetimes I hate when they ask your plans for the name, it is usually just an excuse to be rude. Were naming this baby (due in 10 days) Dylan if its a girl or a boy and so far I have gotten
"You already screwed up with one name, why another"
(3 yr old dd is Sequoia)
" What a boring name compared to Sequoia" (so I see what youre feeling MamaSoleil)
"If its a girl she may end up being a lesbian because of the boy name" HUHH?????

Aughh, now I say, "We'll decide when we meet him or her"

PS Ireally like your boy choices, maybe he will too!
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Your post makes me laugh! I was coinvinced that dd#2 would be a ds!! So I was really stressing over boys names. We had to take the baby name book to the hospital and kept debating until the contractions got so bad I couldn't argue anymore at which time dh said, It's going to be a girl, what are we arguing about!! And she was. And I hate it when he's right! I have two beautiful girls.

We were trying to come up with Scandinavian names, so I was voting for Anders or Lars (Niels, Hans, Leif, etc.). Dh wanted to name ds after the dads--Thomas James. Nice name, but... I just couldn't get attached to it.

Good luck! And Soleil is a beautiful name, btw.

Gr8-We had at least four names (2 boy, 2 girl) when we had each of the kids. We wanted to make sure that they really looked like a ______ before we named them. It was also helpful to give people a list of names that we liked and tell them we never decide until we see the babe!
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I agree with the importance of choosing a name that "matches" the name of baby's sibling, and you do have a beautiful and unique name for your daughter, mamasoliel, so it will be hard for you to come up with an equally beautiful and original one. As for us, my ds has a name that is traditionally male but has recently been common for girls (at least where I live) so I think I need to make sure that a future ds isn't given a super masculine name, or that a girl baby isn't given a boyish name. I'm worried already about the balance and I'm not even TTC #2 yet! Please do let us know what you and dh wind up agreeing on! And btw, I do like Zachary but I know way too many Zachs of all ages, from 30 on down to infants- so, too common!
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With #2 we were convinced it was a girl so we named her Samantha at about 5 months. Well,*she* was born and we decided Nicholas was a better fit! LOL.
With all of the kids we seemed to have an easier time picking out names for the opposite sex of what we ended up having.: With #3 I loved the name Emma but when she came out she just wasn't an Emma. Rachel is much better for her. I agree with having some ideas but waiting until you can actually meet the baby in person to see what fits.
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Aren't I the emotional sap??? Some of your posts got me teary eyed!!:

I do like Xavier a lot too. Papasoleil and I argued relentlessly over Soleil's name, which he did not like, then finally, after letting it sit in his mind, agree...so I'm trying to tell him that again, I will choose the perfect name.
I know it's not overly important to not have a name right away..but I don't want to be arguing right up until the end...kwim? And yes, Soleil is very original and beautiful, and describes her completely.
About Ruben...that is dh's name, and I put it on the negotiating table...but it was thrown out, due to the sandwich...:

OOOHHH the agony...never realized how complicated name choosing could be! And btw, the girls name have caused much eye rolling and arguments thus far....

Back to the negotiating! :LOL
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It is hard coming up with a name...I think it is the hardest part of having a new baby!

When we were pg with Evelyn...if she was a boy, dh was adiment about Hamish for his name...needless to say it grew on me and I agreed, but said I get to pick the girls name (maybe I knew she was a girl...lol..he had veto rights...)

Now when we told the family that we were expecting #2, the first thing they asked was "Your not using that Hamish name are you?"...: ....the funny thing is we probably won't....we both like Yanic...

I like Zachary - mamasoleil...but I agree that when you have one different (and beautiful) name it is natural to want another....

I've always thought Orion would be a cool name for a boy, but I've never met anyone with that name.
a friend of mine named her 2nd son Orion....it is a great name...

Good luck.....
Talk soon,
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wwhippetcrazy LOL!! I was reading your post thinking how wonderful and unique your kids names are! And then I got to the end and had to laugh--I did the same thing. Growing up a Jennifer Lynn was agony and I wanted my girls to have somewhat unique names, too!! I have Annika and Mia.

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Okay, so, Zachary is off the table, as is Xavier.
Papasoleil read this thread, and he likes Orion...though we're not sure how it's pronounced....?
He also likes Aiden...(fiery=celtic)

My girl names are Mahina=moon=hawaiian
Maeve=Goddess of Song=celtic
Freya=Goddess of Love and

I really like Mahina, Soleil like Aisling, Papasoleil likes Maeve...so we'll see!!!
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Orion= long O sound
I like Orion, too.
And then you can point out his constellation in the night sky (Orion's Belt) and tell him his myth. Pus it's a nice balance since Soliel is a sun name, and Orion is a star name.

I like Maeve and Freya, but they are all cute girls names.
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