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Sick, sick, sick!

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Well, it's been three days of vomiting in my house. Zen has had a terrible stomach virus and now dh and I are getting it too. MIL wants me to take dd to the doctor because she is worried. I think she is starting to get better. I don't want to be neglectful, but I think I know what the doctor will tell me and I can save myself a trip with a sick toddler and a sick self and the possibility of infecting others along the way if I just stay home, offer her fluids and nurture her through it. MIL thinks its a $$ issue and offered to pay for the visit. The thought is sweet, but really, if I thought she had more than a stomach virus I would have already taken her in. I'm not really asking a question here, I just wanted to solicit a little support and comiseration. Thanks for the vent.
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My HMO offers advice nurses in phone calls at any hour, and I take advantage of it all the time just to rule out any oversight on my part. But you are probably right about resting the system. I had an awful stomach flu earlier this year and the advice was fluids and resting my system (limiting food while I couldn't handle it.) Can you call your doctor? Electrolytes are good at times like this, and Knudsen's makes a fruit juice based Gatorade-type drink called Recharge (I've had this a lot during my morning sickness, also a lot of vomiting.) Also, I was a advised that a cold washcloth on the back of the neck helps with the nausea, and this did seem to help a little. Good luck.
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what I look for..

I hope you all start to feel better soon,

My ds got sick for the first time this past week (he is 15mths)..had a congested chest (pretty bad) and he was started to gag when he coughed...Deep down I really wanted to bring him in but resisted the urge knowing he was "fine"...I felt really helpless this being his first time being sick...
ANYWAY...enough rambling...

I watched him and if he was acting the same and not lathargic then I figured he was probably fine. I also tried to make sure that anything he ate was like soup so that his body did not have to work as hard to digest...and lots of water and fluids. I also watched his nose and when it did run, it was clear, so I thought that was a good sign that there was little to no infection.

He is on his 5th day and last night was a lot better and today seems fine...
I also put thieves and Raven essential oils blends on his feet (reflexology points for lungs) and that seemed to help break it up...
If he were throwing up like your dd, then I would do the same on the feet but the stomach with Di-Tone (an oil blend)..

I think you would know if you had to bring her in...

Get better!!
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If it's a stomach virus, there is not much they can do. All they will tell you is to watch for signs of dehydration. We just got over DS's 3rd major bout of it (so much for my breastmilk - I'm beginning to think it's defective! : ). Basically the vomiting should not last more than 1-2 days. If she is still not keeping food down, then you might want to get more concerned. But after the 1-2 days of vomiting, then you will just have 7-10 days of nasty poop.

DH and I got it on the same day last weekend and we were so miserable. It is amazing - the same virus that only slowed DS down when he was actually puking, knocked DH and I on our butts for 24 hours! It's amazing how much more resiliant these little ones can be.

Good luck. If you are really nervous - call. Take advanatge of the free advice.

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Zen seems to be feeling better today. I could do without the migraine that accompanies this virus, but other than that, I think I'm on the mend. I'm using peppermint and lavander essential oils for the headache and drinking lots of fluids (or I should say sipping.)

I decided that a little white lie to MIL would do the trick. I told her I called the ped. and they told me to give her plenty of fluids, hold back on solids until she showed interest and let her rest. I told her that their office was crammed full of kids with the same virus and that's the same advice they're getting to the tune of $50. She seemed satisfied. Oh, and to top it off, I emailed her the info. from Dr. Sears' website on vomiting and when to be concerned and when not to. If she had any doubts, I think she's over them now.

It's not that I don't trust her Dr., I just don't think there was any reason to trouble her and ourselves in this instance.

Thanks for listening (and your thoughtful responses.)

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i just want to say that my heart goes out to you and your family. we had the horrible throw-up bug a couple of weeks ago and it was hell!! we were throw-up city and miserable to say the least. hang in there. it does pass, but when you're going through it it feels like forever. sheesh. what a nasty bug.
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Just to say that I think BM does work sometimes...

Both my kids (ds-3 and dd-1) got sick the same day. Now, three days later, dd has been better for two full days, and ds is still sick! Only my dd is still bf! (well, ds does but very very rarely....)
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We had it too

Just want to say that we just had this virus go through our family too and it is awful.......
Ds did get deyhydrated and we had to go to the ER and he had to be rehydrated intravenously and this virus snuk up on us in the middle of the night and had my ds vomitting at least 2x an hour within a 5 hour period .....it was awful.
I felt it coming and took a homeopathic remedy Oscilloccinum. It stopped the virus in it's tracks and the most I got was some body aches and a bit of down time but no vomitting. Oh I did still et the headache that you speak of but not as intense as I am sure it could of been . Dh took the remedy as well and did get a bad sour stomach but nothing else.
Just thought I would pass this remedy along it really helped!
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Thanks Apmamma. We're feeling much better now, but I will keep it in mind in case it comes back around. It would be nice to nip it in the bud.
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I have never gone to the doctor for sickness. i always ask questions at her checkups about what to do in case of ear ache, flu ect... no one wants to go out and about when you are sick and staying home is probably the best thing for everyone. i know people that go to the doctor at the drop of a hat and they come back with a bathroom full of anti biotics and cold medicines that i dont give dd anyway. most my friends dose their children like crazy thinking it will make them all better but usually it just prevents a fever from doing what it needs to kill the virus or the drugs just mask the sickness. Children are so amazing i will be out unable to move from bed and my dd with the same sickness will play play play then sleep sleep sleep, but really is unaffected
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