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I had one done at 6 wks, because I hadn't had one in about 3 years. My midwife gave me the option to not have it, but I chose to do it since it had been so long. Everything was fine and I didn't have any bleeding or anything.
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.I had one done at my regular annual about 6 months before becoming pregnant. I refused one at my first visit because having one in the last year I did not think it was necessary. Of course my midwife starts giving me crap about how they like to do it if the woman is due for one within the pregnancy and how I have to be tested for the VD. I think its ridiculous and I didn't like the way she continued to push even after I said no (and that the attitude was that it was routine and they really didn't sit and discuss it first to decide if I would accept, it was like 'okay, now you need to take off your pants' Um, excuse me?)

I didn't have one with my previous pregnancy (with the midwives I liked, but couldn't go back to because their insurance doesn't allow VBACS) so I knew it was unnecessary.

Anyway, I left that practice for a midwife that was not part of an OB practice.
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yeah i had a pap last week and they found abnormal cells and they want me to do a colopscopy what should i do? yes i am pregnant right now 15 weeks and i just had a pap dont in jan or dec and it came back normal and the took blood befor the most recent pap and my white and red blood cell count came back normal
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I've had my PAPs done at my 6 week post-partum visit each time, not during pregnancy.
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I have never and would never have a PAP Smear done while pregnant! I don't think it is smart to be messing with your cervix at any stage of pregnancy. It is not worth the life of my child - PERIOD. Whatever the results of that "info" it can certainly wait until after the baby is born!
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I just had one a few days ago.... I'm wishing now I turned it down as I have major probs with paps, even though the m/w did it really slow and didn't even use the speculum. But when I saw those things they use to gather the cells... yikes! I realized after the fact that ugh, I shouldn't have let those come within an inch of my preggo cervix!
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I had one while I was pregnant but for the life of me I can't remember at what month it was. I think it was somewhere at the end of the first trimester. Anyway, it wasn't a big deal for me. I didn't have any pain or bleeding from it. HTH.
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Originally Posted by momy2b
yeah i had a pap last week and they found abnormal cells and they want me to do a colopscopy what should i do?
You might want to cross post this in the Health Forum as well. I noticed no one here responded to your question. I don't know the answer. To be honest, I don't know enough about the procedure you mentioned to give any meaningful advice.

Are you pregnant right now? Sorry, I couldn't tell if you are from your post or signature. If so, I would find out as much as I could about that test - risks/benefits and maybe even get a second opinion. Good luck. I hope the abnormal results are just a fluke.
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yes i am pregnant right now im 15 weeks
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pap smear wasn't needed

I was 13wks pregnant and everything was going well I was given a pap smear on thurs nov 2nd which I assumed needed to be done as part of prenatel care, everything was going well the baby was the right size and there was nothing to worry about. This was my first child. On Monday Nov 6th I noticed bleeding. After going to the er they said nothing can be done I just had to wait. At 4o'clock tuesday morning the bleeding got worse and cramping began. I went to the ER again and before I was seen by the doctor I went to use the washroom and miscarried. Now I wonder if maybe the nurse who was a resident clipped me or if somehow that pap related to my miscarrage. If I educated myself more I would have rejected the pap. But I can't say for sure if that was related to my miscarrage. When I get pg again I will not get a pap just to be on the safe side.
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i had 2 with my first pregnancy, i never had one in my life before getting pregnant at the time so it was kinda neccesary, i had abnormal cells so i had another one done at 8 mths pregnant , still abnormal, so 6 weeks after i had my son i had a colpo done and it all came back fine, then at my first appt with this one i had apap done that came back fine then i moved to germany and i beleive they did another one here, i never had aproblem with any of them though so eh i guess it depends on your dr and if u really need em. i kinda did so i didnt mind it.
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Originally Posted by pamamidwife View Post
Many medical based providers do Paps at the first prenatal visit. I don't do them for a number of reasons, but here are a few of my main reasons:

* I don't like the idea of messing with the cervix early in pregnancy
* I think an initial prenatal is a vulnerable time for women and getting all naked right off the bat is uncomfortable for many women
* The cervix changes so much in preg - esp early preg - that it's common to get abnormal results. Which usually means another Pap after preg. Why not just wait until after preg?
* It's EXTREMELY rare to have a cancer that is so fast spreading that it is risky to your pregnancy

For myself, I do Paps every five years or so and I feel fine with my decision to do so.
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my mom hasnt had a pap smear done in 16 yrs , i find that alittle scary only because of my scare with abnormal cells for awhile and the fact they can turn cancerous . all the health problems she has i really think a pap would be neccesary ya know. i dont mind them when pregnant ive never had problems , i had bleeding with teh colpo but iw asnt pregnant when i had that done.
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I'm getting one done in two weeks (I'll be 9 weeks) because I haven't had one in years. I've never had problems (like bleeding) with paps or problems with cervix in pregnancy so I'm not concerned. I also had paps early on with my other three with no problem.
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the cnp midwife tht we fired and is now sending me threatening emails (oh well) tested me for everything under the moon and did a pap and said you have to when I asked if it was safe. If I would have bled (thank god didn't ) I would have been a nervous wreck!
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I had one at my first visit but only because my last one 4 months prior was inconculsive, and I was told to wait a few months before getting another. The OB did it just to be sure nothing was going on. It was fine. It was also surprisingly pain and discomfort-free. I was only about 5 weeks at the time and it did not affect me one way or the other.

I would not have had it were my last pap normal or conclusive.
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Originally Posted by Eaglevoice View Post
I had one done at 6 wks, because I hadn't had one in about 3 years. My midwife gave me the option to not have it, but I chose to do it since it had been so long. Everything was fine and I didn't have any bleeding or anything.
I too had one at my fist MW appt. (about 6 weeks) because it had been a few years. I had the tiniest bit of bleeding (like 3 drops) afterward, but I knew it wasn't a big deal. If I had had one within a year or so, I wouldn't have had one then.
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Generally speaking, a pap smear is done on the first prenatal visit, but of course it depends upon the patient. If you've had a pap smear within the last year, or over 30 and have had a pap smear in the last three years and it was negative and you've been with the same partner, you don't need one. And, your practitioner should always tell you when you're going to have a pap, so you have the chance to refuse. The reasons for a pap in pregnancy - 1)for many women it's their first, and they may not of otherwise received on. 2) it is believed that cervical cancer "grows" quicker in pregnancy (as with everything in pregnancy).

As for tests for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, if you think you're at risk and don't want a spec exam, you can ask to do a urine based test.
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I did NOT have one during this PG. I may think about it for my 6 week check-up after baby. It isn't as if they could do a whole heck of a lot during the pregnancy anyway. So, why add the stress?
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I think it is completely disrespectful to do it at the first visit anyways. I was on a wiating list for midwives with my first, and saw a doctor in the meantime.

At the first appointment, the doctor said he never does paps at the first appointment because he thinks it is disrespectful and makes people vulnerable to meet someone for the first time and then have them disrobe.

I won't have one during pregnancy in any case for all the reasons pamamidwife sAID.
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