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baby thunks.

Pretty sure that for the last few days, I have felt definite thunkings that must be baby. I am pleased, of course, and also freaked out. THERE'S A BABY IN THERE!!!

Perhaps not coincidentally, I am also having some strange and momentarily severe back pains. Nothing, then stabbing, stabbing pain - breathtaking - in my back, then it stops.

Is this the baby kicking me in the back, or some other weird pregnancy-related body phenomenon? Hoping one of you will know what I am talking about -
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missing out

i'm jealous...i'm at 19.5 weeks and haven't felt anything yet.... i can't wait.
it's fun reading all of your stories though.
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Yes it is a wonderful feeling, feeling the little ones move. I felt my first butterfly flutter at twelve weeks. I thought I was crazy and it was scaring the crap out of me. However the doc said it was normal because of this being my 3rd pregnancy. I am now 15 weeks, and I still can't feel the baby move outside my belly. I guess the babies bones are not strong enough yet. Can't wait when my kids can enjoy feeling the baby move too.
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