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think I am going to give birth soon...early labour??

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Hi there I have more or less 4 weeks to go. Been having a relaxing holiday but tired every day. Dont have family around so we had nice quiet time together as a family and go for daily walk to keep the blood flowing in my legs. I could lounge around all day.

The little one inside me is really moving around... head is definitely down since 33 weeks... but the bum is twisting or rotating from side to side. Feels like I have a tennis or ping pong game going on inside me... first this side then that side then the middle. So strange. Its been quite frequent all day. Last night thought I felt a twange of contraction or was it due to the baby moving its buttock again? Not sure.

I have a funny suspicion this one going to be an early one. Is it possible to feel that?

We have tickets for a ballet show on Sunday... was quite expensive. Didnt expect baby for another month... and yet I am so certain its going to decide to makes its appearance any day now.

I think I will call my midwife to come by tomorrow (Friday). We havent even done all the breathing techniques review yet and stuff... thinking I still had some time.

I even packed my suitcase today since we went to friends for the afternoon, they live a good hour drive from us. Just being prepared.

I am so nervous and yet would like to have the baby soon. I am so huge too. Oh its the anticipation killing me. Didnt want a christmas baby...and yet I am so certain its goign to makes its appearance any day now.

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My son was born at 35+ weeks and about two days before I went into labor I just started feeling like it was about to happen--nothing specific, just a weird feeling. I was working from home then and I started working like a maniac to finish the project I was doing; sure enough, I finished about 12 hours before I went to the hospital!

Good luck!
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marchmom -

I think this final stretch of a pregnancy are such a unique time in a woman's life. Everyone's so different, of course, but there is an interesting tightrope to walk between 'ready' and 'not-too-ready', like you want to prepare for birth and for baby, but don't want to be over-anxious or get fed-up as days/weeks roll by.

With the exception of only a very few events, like water-breaking, my understanding is that the only sure 'sign' that baby is arriving is -- well, baby arriving! You should listen to your body and your intuition naturally, but I know there can be many things in the last month that make us feel like "this is it!".

Have you browsed the boards here for advice on preparing for labor? There are some wonderful posts here and in the homebirth forum, just talking about ways in which women relaxed, pain-coping techniques, positions, etc., and also suggesting good books. Whether or not the birth is impending this week, I think it would feel good to have prepared your mind and packed your bag -- let's you relax then.

Hope this made sense, I'm nursing with one arm. Good luck & keep us posted!

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Marchmom19, when is your due date? Mine is Jan. 30, but I've had the feeling for a while now that this baby is going to be early. I'm not getting the "it's coming any day now feeling", but I do sense that it will be sooner than my due date. Also, I have a way of keeping track of my cycles (mostly just paying close attention to my body), and the day when I would normally start my period has been the day of the full moon for the last couple of months. So, my thinking is that I will have this baby within a week of the next full moon--I have no idea when that is though. I can't decide if all these "readiness" feelings are intuition or me just wanting to get this baby out!!
BTW, if anyone knows when the next full moon is, let me know
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hi there the next full moon is on the 18th of Jan. New Moon is on the 2nd of Jan. (19th of Dec was the last full moon so not too long ago... so perhaps since its the week of the last full moon... perhaps that is why I am feeling all these energy??).

I also concieved on the full moon in April and think baby will be born the week of the full moon...but now thinking perhaps it will come around the new moon week. We will see.

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I am trying to tune in to my body and all. Its an exciting time and indeed I dont want to be too anxious and then disappointed when it hasnt made its appearance yet and same time there are things I still want to do before baby makes its arrival.

I also have an active toddler to keep me on my toes and keep me distracted till the right moment comes.


P.S. My first due date was for Jan 19th then they said that it was too small and that according to ultrasound the new due date is Jan 27th. But baby will comes when it wants to. I know the exact date I concieved and that was definitely the full moon day!
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How ya feeling Stephanie? It'll be interesting to see if the full moon has any affect (I'm due on the 18th!) My ds was 8 days early and it was a full moon. At this stage it's hard not to think that labor could be any minute, but mamabutterfly gave wonderful advice. Even though I *think* this baby will be early, whenever anyone asks I alway add two weeks to my due date. They look shocked since I look like I'm about to pop, but I'm trying not to set myself up for a disappointment if I'm not early again.

BUT, I've got the serious nesting bug, do you? After several weeks of getting really tired around 7 or 8 pm, I get this major burst of energy that just demands I clean or organize something. It's funny!

Hang in there and enjoy your toddler (as I am). This is a precious time!

Can't wait to share birth stories.

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Hey, I have a question for you other "about to pop" mamas. I've noticed some strange things going on with my body the last few days and would like to know if you guys are feeling the same. First of all, my back is extremely achy, I have been peeing lots more than normal, when I sit down I feel like I'm sitting on something and its very hard to bend over, which could all mean that the baby has dropped, right? Second, and this has been happening for a few weeks, I can not stay asleep at night. I wake up and just lay there several times a night. Wondering if maybe this is natures way of preparing for the many nights of interrupted sleep that lay ahead. Third, my sense of smell and hearing are all of a sudden heightened. Also, (not to be gross) I have had 2 to 3 bowel movements a day for the last couple of days--very unusual for me. I don't think nesting has kicked in, I have been cleaning a lot but no burst of energy. So am I wacky? Has anyone else been experiencing this type of stuff? If not then what other types of things have you noticed recently?
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Gaiamom I have been experiencing similar things to you. I have had 3 to 5 bowel movements a day. Constantly have to pee, very achy hips, major perineal pressure. I also have been having tons of fairly regular and somewhat uncomfortable (not painful) braxton hicks contractions. All this certainly is making it seem that something is happeing. I am due on January 15th. Oh I have been having a fair amount of mucus discharge too. I am excited and scared... It will be wonderful to see what happens with all of us!!

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oooooh, i get so excited about labor & birthing! i had started training to become a doula but stayedhome from a trainging weekend last summer to celebrate dh's birthday and... well, the result of that weekend is currently nursing in my lap, lol! :LOL

so until dd is a bit older i am living vicariously through the women on this board. happy birthing vibes to you all when the time comes! until then, may the waiting be bearably comfortable. (hey, at least it isn't blazing hot summer, huh? )

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gaiamom- I'm experiencing the same things . . . exactly! I didn't have the hip pain with my first. This time it's really bad at night and seems that whatever side is hurting the most is the one I've got to lay on to nurse ds in the middle of the night! I'm up at least 3-4 times to pee and even more times to just *think.* Definitely Nature's way of preparing us, I believe.

It won't be long . . . .

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I went into labor (and gave birth 18 hours later) 3 days after feeling the same "discomforts" as you ladies are experiencing! Good luck!
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I'm due the 21st and my hips are SOOOO achy! I've been having to roll from side to side for months but now that doesn't even help even out the aches. My fingers and toes are swelling, just started a couple weeks ago though, so not bad. I have a splitting pain in my pubic bone too, anyone else have that? Very strange sensation. I have also had really sludgy stools these past few days... I thought it was because I ate too many doughnuts but it has been three days now and I can't imagine how it could linger so long now that I am eating healthy food again!

I have also been nesting and nesting some more. We're having a homebirth so I got to get some supplies ready which was satisfying in a motherly sort of way. I enjoy SO MUCH getting things ready for this baby, probably more than most people would since dd1 came early and NOTHING was ready... so it almost feels like doing it "right" this time counts twice.

Last night the baby compelled me to leave my warm bed and stay up until 3am scrapbooking! I think it's weird that this baby makes me want to do crafty stuff... I've been cross-stitching etc. too. And the baby seems more active when I'm doing these things than other times. Maybe the baby will be the creative type!

Good luck to everyone! Can't wait to read birth stories!
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Right there with ya on the hip pain. I'm not sure if maybe this is caused from the baby possibly being in a posterior position, but my lower back/top of my butt is absolutely killing me!! I can't hardly stay in one position, sitting or laying. Also, I noticed yesterday that my wedding ring is starting to get tight. Nesting kicked in today full force. I don't know where all the energy came from but I cleaned house for 13 hrs. straight. I had no intention of doing that this morning, thought I might straighten up a bit, but I just couldn't stop. I was like the world was going to stop turning if I didn't scrub out the inside of the trash can and clean the microwave with a toothbrush. Nesting usually hits me about 3-4 wks before I go into labor for some reason--just enough time for things to get good and screwed up before she gets here!!
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anyone getting morning sickness again??` Mine has resurfaced this past week. I had morning sickness till about 6th month and it went away and now it came back.

The first pregnancy I had it the whole duration for the whole pregnancy except the last day...the day I was in contraction but didnt realize it at the time.

Looks like my body was preparing and it was the contraction of pulling the baby down toward my pelvic. The sure feeling that I was going to give birth anyday is now gone. I think partly because I really wanted to attend the Nutcracker ballet (I had bought the ticket a month ago) and it was on Sunday. I made a pact with the baby to come afterwards. heehee. So since Sat no symptoms like I had on Thurs and Fri.

I also want to do the belly cast soon...was going to do it at 34 week but then conflicts arose, and then with Christmas coming up, flu season and all that. Gave the lady a ring yesterday (friend from theater group who wants to do it for me) and she will be gone this week, bummer. But will call me on the 6th and we go from there. Once that is done, then baby had permission to come anytime. (since its my last pregnancy... I would like to do this casting). My dh did do belly painting of a globe and we took tons of pics.

As for nesting...I am always doing that. Reorganizing etc. Made room in closet, took out all of dd clothes too small, got a diaper table to put in bathroom (also converted it to family underwear drawers, so much easier to transfer the clean undies after laundry as I never have time to put them away in the bedroom). Reorganized all the food in the kitchen pantry...was getting too cluttered and not easy to find anything...now its much better. Going to have to wash the baby clothes (from first dd) and start putting them in the drawers soon.

Otherwise suitcase is packed and going to work on birth plan soon.

Hope everyone else is doing well. I am trying to go for an hour walk each day (mainly manage every other day). Want to have strong legs when the day comes to give birth.

I do not have insomnia, and sleep well. First time I was always awake at 2am or so...but not this time. Preserving my energy. I guess I need it as I have an active toddler....plus she never lets me leave the bed...so clingy lately and has a firm grasp on me.

Happy New Year Everyone and have a safe slide into the new year. Talk to you all again in 2003!

stephanie due jan 26 (although think baby will come anyday soon)
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That's so cool to get a belly cast done! We have family pregnancy portraits scheduled for the 8th. I can't wait! I wanted them scheduled late in the pregnancy to feature my *enormous* belly... and we figure if the baby decides to come beforehand, then we'll just have family portraits with baby in our arms. I want to be as huge as possible since I didn't get to really "finish" my pregnancy with dd1.
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