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June 15th here.
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great idea!! I'm due june 11 by my midwifes over the phone calculations..lol
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6/16 for me... bonbon mama
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Originally Posted by Pandora114
*waves* I'm due in June.

Well Late May early June.
No real "due date" as of yet and I dont like being on a schedule anyway
: Me too, me too... Can we add those of us who abhor due dates to just say "early June" or some such?

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Hi! PLease add me.

Caroline248 (Caroline) 6/20

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Hey! Same due date, Caroline - 6/20.

Just got my today
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Just a quick note from a newbie. I'm due with #3 on June 10! Excited to be preggers once again
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Hi Stacy -- Can you change my due date to June 5? Saw the midwife today and she re-estimated. Thanks!
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June Due Date

Sarah Ezell (sarahlynn83)

I am due 6/27
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My name is Jo. Dave and I are expecting our first on June 28th!

I can't be more excited!!
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I'm Candice and I think I'm due somewhere around the 26th of June!
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Hi, me too - the online calculators I've used say June 21 as a due date. My first appt with the midwife is Oct 25, so we'll see what she says.....

Yay for all of us!!
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LeakyBoobs, I'm not much of a fan of EDD myself. I'm just saying Mid-Late June! With DD, I swore she'd be at least a week past my EDD. Imagine my surprise when she arrived at 38 weeks! Babies come when they come!

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Wow, we have 62 mamas here!
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Hi Stacy, I saw your other thread about the type of birth we're planning.....

I'm planning a hospital VBAC with a midwife, in a natural birth-friendly room, has water birth, birthing balls, etc. available. I know they're suportive of VBACs, they run a class on it every few months at the hospital, so I'm really glad about that.

BTW, my EDD is probably 6/21, I had posted before but it may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Oh......and my real name is Heather.
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Welllll......my plans have all be shot to hell. They pretty much don't give you much inthe way of options with trips. We are going to interview OBs and 2 of my questions will be about inducing and planned c. I know that the chances of getting all of them out vaginally is slim-to-none but I really want to try. Also, dh and I have religous issues around inducing along with my personal feelings. Now, we really will probably be able to get around the religous "ban" in induction because of the health of babe and mom but I so don't want to.

Needless to say, I'm going to try. That will also affect my med choices because I am not doing a c w/o pain killers! Also, there is no way in heck my hubby or any respectable practitioner would do a homebirth with trips.

So...I'll do the best I can and pray that it'll be close to what I want.

Oh, you might want to put me at the unkown EDD section of the list because my doc says 32-35 weeks is my target which is sometime in May.
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Miriam, can i ask what your religious issues are with inducing? I'm just curious.

I want to do a home waterbirth... with a lay midwife.
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Planning for a hospital birth with my usual OB. Last time I was able to go med-free and they were awesome about keeping me with my baby and helping with nursing. So I will do it again. I am thinking I will hire a doula this time around though, because the pushing phase really sucked last time.
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Planning on doing a med free VBAC with a family practice Dr. They won't let the CNM's do VBAC's, so I'm going with a good family practice Dr. Sadly, I can't have a water birth & I have to me monitored, but I can work with it. They have telemetry units & I plan on having a very experienced doula.

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Cool, I like reading about other people's birthing options.

We just finished interviewing midwives, have picked a practice, and we're planning a HB. I'll also have a doula there.
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