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Leftover Whole Chicken

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After that first dinner of a Whole Roasted bird, what are your favorite recipes to use the rest of the meat? Do you pick your meat off right away?
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My DP is a chicken freak -- he calls it Vitamin Ch and can't go more than a day or two without any. The words "leftover chicken" are a bit of an oxymoron around here! But I make a lot of:

Chicken and biscuits
chicken and dumplings
chicken pot pie
Chicken salad or plain chicken sandwiches
Chicken tacos, enchiladas, or fajitas
Amish-style chicken and noodles (I use the skinny kluski noodles or "pot pie squares" and just cook them in chicken broth with the leftover meat, some carrots, celery, onion, and peas)
chicken soup or tortilla soup or white chicken chili

I think that about covers it for my already-cooked-chicken repertoire. As to your second question, no, not usually, 'cause I'm lazy. I stick the whole thing in the fridge, then the next day (or whenever) chunk off the big bits of chicken and then simmer the carcass in water for broth. When I take it out again I pick off the rest of the meat and discard the bones.

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I make chicken pot pie or chicken fried rice.

Or if most meat are gone you can make stock with the whole thing.
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chicken enchiladas

1 can green enchilada sauce
leftover chicken meat (in small chunks)
black olives
cheese (cheddar jack or similar)
small corn tortillas
black beans
chopped green chilies if you like it HOT

layer the ingredients the way you would a lasagna: tortillas, chicken, veggies, cheese, sauce, repeat and bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until bubbly

feel free to change to your particular dietary needs/likes etc...

let stand ten min or so

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I make a mean chicken salad.... I noticed that DH was only eating a teensy bit at dinner & I asked him why. He said he likes the chicken salad better.

Goofy man!

Those enchiladas sound delicious!
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I do chicken salad and chicken and dumplings. Then I cook the carcass and make stock.

I love the idea of a pot pie and fried rice, though! Oh, and I never thought of chicken enchiladas! I always do mine with ground beef!
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I make chicken soup :LOL
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We make enchaladas too! They are a huge hit here. I like broccoli chicken casserole quite a bit. Just layer some steamed broccoli in a dish, add some chopped leftover chicken, top with a mix of (this is sooo bad, which is why I love it so I think) cream of mushroom soup, 1/4 c mayo, a cup of leftover gravy, a little sage.. then top with cheddar cheese and bread crumbs. bake until bubbly and cheese is melted. Serve over rice. It is so darn good! :LOL Of course we make stock with the rest of the bird. We use 2 cup containers to freeze it in, and use it in the enchalada sauce (we make red sauce), as soup base, in jambalaya, pot pie, whatever else needs chicken broth. If I am not feeling incredibly lazy I take the meat off right after dinner. It is easier, IMO to remove it while it is warm. I store it in a big container, and if it's not gone by two days later it goes into a casserole of some sort or freezer (ziplock bag, in casserole sized portions). I make the stock asap, and freeze it the next day.
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chicken divan
chicken soup
chicken quesadillas
chicken chop suey

I usually roast a whole chicken one night; make chicken soup the second night and the third night, pick off the remaining meat and make one last chicken dish. It's amazing how far one chicken can go! :LOL
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You can put leftover chicken in the crockpot, throw in some bbq sauce then have shredded bbq chicken sandwiches. The next day, you can use the leftover bbq chicken and make chicken quesidillas.
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