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I have been on a quest ever since I first felt the amazing softness of Organic Velour -- a quest for a snappi friendly OV PF. Mommy's Helper at Creations Boutique has ended my quest. Mommy's Helpers' Stay-Tight Snappi tabs really DO make the snappi stay tight on the OV without causing holes or undone PFs! Oh! I just love that I can finally reliably use a snappi with an OV PF. There is just nothing as soft as OV! Plus, the OV PF is very trim, but with the absorbency factor of a Premium PF but without the bulk.

Plus, MH offers hand dyed and embroidery options. Ahhhh, I think I may have to buy stock in this store!!! :LOL

Also, I have a pair of newborn wool pants with a built in layer of wool to keep moisture away. They are cute and sweet. Not too trim, not to baggy. The MH's pants seem to be just a nice in between PWP's trim and Naturekin's wider legs. I'm so looking forward to putting them on my NB.

Great customer service, creative quality conscious products. I'm looking forward to saving up some PP to buy again!