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Need ideas for getting enough fruits and veggies

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I'm trying to eat more fruits and vegatables and get my kids to eat more of them too. I doubt we get what we're supposed to in a day.

Does anyone have any tips for "easy" ways to sneak healthy foods in your diet? I'm not one to just sit down and snack on carrots and celery - if you know what I mean.

If you have any easy and tasty recipes for dishes using lots of veggies/fruits - especially in their raw state, please share.

Thank you.

Holly, mom to 2 beautiful girls
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Hi, I add veggies to everything. Raw diced peppers or spinach or frozen peas to Annie's mac and Cheese or other pasta. We top veggie burgers with sauteed mushrooms, spinach or avocado. Carrots, steamed broccoli etc as stuff to dip in hummus. I buy the already washed organic spinach in a bag as it is so easy to add at the last minute to everything like soups, curries, scrambled eggs or just throw in a pan with garlic and oil. Another thing I try to do is cook up many of the veggies the day I shop so that they are easy to throw in stuff or munch on cold. I lightly steam the broccoli or kale and keep in containers and add it to everything I make. We make wraps for lunch and add it. Grilled veggies are good too! If I do them I do a ton and add them to stuff all week. Salads with interesting things in them are fun too- nuts, avocado, corn, black beans, "taco salad", feta cheese, canned artichokes.
Fruit smoothies are a good way to get in extra fruit. Also mashing a banana in plain oatmeal is a great sweetner or topping oatmeal with other fruit.
Hope this gived you some new ideas.
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Juicing is an easy way to get raw veggies-- for kids it's easier than eating the whole veggies--and easier to "sneak" them in..... The thing is , you're not getting the fiber- just the juice -- but veggie juice is bettter than no veggies at all...

We bought a juiceman juicer & I am able to get more veggies into all of our diets by juicing.
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- Fruit salads i.e 2 or 3 different fruits (just a small amount of each) for dessert or a snack
- on top of cereal
- in plain yoghurt
- in smoothies
- if you eat jelly chop some up in jelly and set it.
- banana sandwhiches are yummy, all you have to do is mash a banana and spread in between 2 slices of wholemeal or whichever you eat.
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Your question is right up my alley. Getting kids to eat vegetables is one of the most common problems I here - kids seem to eat fruit more readily that's why I tried to create a lots of recipes to incorporate recipes in my latest cookbook. If you go to this page on my web site, you'll find the article I wrote "8 Easy Ways to Get your Children to Eat Vegetables". There's a few recipes and lots of advice that has worked for me.Link to article "Eight Easy Ways To Get Your Children to Eat Vegetables"

I'm not sure if I inserted the link right but if not, go to www.simplynaturalbooks.com and click on TIPS.
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Oh yeah - I wanted to share my favorite smoothie recipe that incorporates raw fruits and vegetables and the kids love it. It's from my book.

Cream Green Smoothie
1/2 cup pineapple or pineapple-coconut juice (no added sweetener)
1/2 cup milk (dairy or non-dairy)
1 banana, sliced and frozen
1 handful kale

Place ingredients in blender and puree until smooth.

This may sound weird but it is sooooooo good!
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You can also blend fruit and sticking to popsicle (ice cblocks) containers and freeze or you can juice fruit and add the pulp to them and freeze as popsicles. or you can even add it to yoghurt and place in the containers and freeze, and make frozen yoghurt with fruit.
Ideal for Summer.
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Try shredding veggies, really. I love shredded (like cheese) zucchini, carrots, and even beets. The texture is just perfect, and it's finger food (messy finger food with the beets).
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I also add extra veggies to every meal...
My dh is so happy when I don't have a pile of veggies waiting to be put in our spaghetti sauce...his usual comment is "oh, normal spaghetti tonight?" and I say "no, I left out the veggies"...to let him know that there will be more..ha ha ha!!

We try and limit the amount of packaged foods we buy and so we really don't have anything else but veggies and fruit to eat...
I add bananas, kiwi, apples to oatmeal instead of sugar or maple syrup...

I make little soups for ds and I in the afternoon..I get organic broths and then add three of four veggies and make a thick soup...add some multigrain bread and ds loves it...

Just the fact that you are aware that you need to increase the amount you eat, probably will encourage you to find the best ways that work for you!!

Eating healthy,
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I just sneak veggies in wherever I can. Mixed organic frozen veggies lightly steamed add to annie's mac and cheese. Grating carrots and slicing zucchini into pasta sauce. yum

DD (a toddler) likes a "nibble tray" with a few each of many things. You can steam a bunch and use them for the next few days. Make the tray with a spot for dip (hummus ? Guacamole ?) and things to dip and eat (steamed broccoli trees, carrot strips, zucchini strips, sweet potato "fries" (baked), etc).

They are not veggies but she also likes tofu, tempe, whole grain crackers, and cheese on these trays.

Also, get used to always having a veggie component to every meal. A salad, steamed veggie, baked veggies, spinach added to eggs, etc. That helps.
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If your children don't like chunks of veggies in their soup, puree the soup up in the blender. My kids call it "smoothie soup". It looks and feels like a cream soup but much healthier!
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Thanks for all the tips. I am already putting them into practice. Cathe, great site!!
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And if all else fails...Knudsen's Very Veggie Juice. Your kids might not like it but maybe you do. I love it with eggs at breakfast.
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