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Good suggestion, LB. I've been wondering about the night nursing as well, because DS is still only 13 months and lately wants to nurse ALL the time at night. My nipples are becoming more and more sore, and I can tell that my supply is dropping some. When the new baby comes DS will only be 22 months... so the nighttime thing could still be an issue. DH and I are going to try some different arrangements here soon.
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Originally Posted by Mama2Xander
I'm kinda paranoid about my supply decreasing too, so far it hasn't (I don't think) but I asked in one of the breastfeeding forums for suggestions on keeping up supply and someone suggested oatmeal.
I'm so glad you mentioned oatmeal! I bought some a couple of weeks ago, hoping that I was pg, but then, with the several negative hpts I had before getting my positives, I managed to completely forget the oatmeal. I'll start that tomorrow!

Ds (25 months) is a very enthusiastic nurser, and I wouldn't be surprised if he continues to nurse even if my milk dwindles to nothing. I'm really hoping he doesn't wean as a result of the pg (although, of course, I'm saying that from the perspective of someone who doesn't have sore nipples yet, knock wood!), but I think my supply is starting to drop a bit already, at 4.5 weeks. Tonight he was having his usual bedtime nurse. He nursed for a while (5 minutes or so), with a typical sucking and swallowing pattern, then stopped. He looked at me and said, "Empty." I was startled and asked him, "The side is empty?" (He calls my breasts/nursing "side".) He said yes, then touched the other breast and told me it was empty, too. He didn't seem upset by it, just informative, like he was suggesting I might want to consider going downstairs and refilling them, so that was good, but I'm still very sad at the thought of him losing one of his favorite things in the world. After he told me my breasts were empty, he still wanted to hang out for a while, latched on with only an occasional comfort suck. So, maybe my guess is right and he'll stay interested until there's a full milk supply again.
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Another nursing mama here too.
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My DD is 18 months and her nursing is dwindling - she doesn't like the taste. She still nurses back to sleep if/when she wakes up during the night, but is also starting to reach out & snuggle with my DH more if she wakes up. My milk supply has never been huge & even though her nursing has dropped off dramatically (and her appetite for food has soared!) I'm not having any engorgement - just sore preggo boobs

So...I'm not sure if/when she will stop comfort nursing during the night. I think she would probably keep it up even if she's not getting milk & I'm not sure how I feel about that...I am borrowing "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" from a friend tomorrow. I don't think I have the energy to tandem nurse (but God/Goddess bless those of you who do ) and I'm not sure if it will be a big deal w/ DD wanting to nurse when the new baby comes...we'll see...
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DS is officially 3 & has NO plans *whatsoever* to wean. If I'm lucky, he'll nurse at most 3-4X a day...some days I ain't so lucky. I'm gonna *have* to tandem nurse 'cos every attempt to wean my guy has failed miserably. He's highly sensitive AND *very* spirited, so...we're mostly doing CLW. We take each day, even each minute as it comes. So far it hasn't been as painful as I thought it would be. If he self-weans at ALL during this pregnancy, I'll be in complete, dumb-founded shock.
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Originally Posted by AugustineM
Leakyboobs -- When my next DC is born, my children will be 23 months apart as well. And so will StacyL's, I think. What was your experience with that? It's a little closer than I'd planned...

Me too..Jackson and the new baby will be about 22 months apart. I think we were all in Sept 2004 DDC together?

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Yep! Hi Caroline! I did the math wrong on my babes, though, they'll be 21 months apart, not 23. Maybe wishful thinking on my part

Thor is still nursing strong. I think my supply is doing OK. He does nurse less at night though.
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visiting from the july board (I'm due very early july), and I wanted to ask - for those of you with toddlers who don't nurse down to sleep for naps, how do you get them to sleep?
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Originally Posted by benjalo
visiting from the july board (I'm due very early july), and I wanted to ask - for those of you with toddlers who don't nurse down to sleep for naps, how do you get them to sleep?
I want to know too! Although with ds#1, we would hold him on the couch and he'd fall asleep that way. Then as he got a little older (2'ish), we'd have him lay on the couch with us ... but he also took to a binky, so I think that substituted for nursing to sleep. Ds#2 only wants his milkies to go to sleep ... unless we are in the car.
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Originally Posted by benjalo
visiting from the july board (I'm due very early july), and I wanted to ask - for those of you with toddlers who don't nurse down to sleep for naps, how do you get them to sleep?
One of us lays down with her on our bed till she falls asleep (usually 10 - 15 min) Rub her back, sing to her a little bit - more at night than at nap. She doesn't want to nurse to sleep anymore, but she does nurse to fall back to sleep during the night. Lately at nap time I've been trying to nap with her!
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Originally Posted by mountainsun
Do kids ever wean during pg and then go back to the breast after the babe is born??
YES it can happen that way, that's how I ended up tandem nursing - my older dd weaned herself when my supply dropped in my 5th month pg with dd2, at first she would comfort suck even though there wasn't much there, but then she decided she liked her binky better. Once her baby sister arrived, and with her a whole new supply, she was right back wanting to nurse again and we picked up where we left off, which was fine with me! I think dd2 will be different though - she nurses much more than dd1 did at this age, esp at night, and she has never taken a pacifier (we learned our lesson on that one, never again - dd1 was fully potty-trained before we could get her to give up that dreaded binky, it was ridiculous!!) I didn't find tandem nursing to be hard though, so I'm fine with it, even if I end up triandem nursing!
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