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Low Grade Temp?

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My temperature has run over 99 since I found out I was pregnant (I don't temp in the mornings, but I take it when I feel strange sometimes at night). Today my temp is 99.77 and my skin is all prickly. I know 101 is the "magic" number for intervening when pregnant, but it a constant low grade temp normal? I'm cold all of the time, but don't want to bundle up for fear of raising my temp more. Anyone else have this?
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Do you think it is just a reflection of where your chart ended up?

I think if you don't feel sick then it probably isn't a pathological thing.

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I get that way too, sometime I feel sooo hot, and my temp will be 99.9, but I'm not sick, and then the next day I'm fine. I've had probably 4-5 days like that since getting pregnant.
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