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What's for dinner tonight?

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Nichole's comment in another thread about popcorn for dinner got me wondering ... what are you all eating tonight (or what did you eat)? I'm back in the nothing sounds good, everything seems to make me feel yucky, but I'm totally hungry stage, so we're having pizza.

With both boys, the pizza guy at the local pizza shop actually knew my husband by name. We'd have pizza once a week (luckily, once a month or so a coupon comes for them in the mail, so we save a little bit), usually with the same toppings. I still remember with ds#1, I so wanted pizza and nothing else for dinner, so dh picked it up on the way home from work. He walked in the door all proud because he was meeting my needs; I took one whiff of the pizza and said I wanted nothing to do with it. Poor guy ... you'd think I'd burst his bubble. I did end up eating some later, I think ... but man, it looked so disgusting by the time he brought it home! :LOL
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I had savory herb and garlic chicken with spinach, tomatos and cheese. No, it wasn't a new lean cuisine, it was a lipton soup packet with frozen chicken breasts, fresh spinach, canned tomatos and monterey cheese. My sister made up the recipe and it is GOOD. I didn't actually COOK it now... :LOL I've got sister's for that!
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Funny, because we did frozen pizza tonight (love Amy's Organic) - it was ok. I am pretty hungry but not much sounds good! Pizza went down fine.
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Liked my popcorn dinner idea, huh? LOL! Funny you all mentioned pizza. I had salad for lunch while the rest of the family had pizza. Really didn't smell all that good to me and my salad was super-yummy!
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I had pad thai for dinner and a spring roll. My DH and I split one order, and I thought I might have to get my elbows out because I wanted a LOT of it! I think we did a pretty good job of splitting it evenly...Usually he eats more than me, but not last night! :LOL
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I had take out pizza :nana: it was sooo good and we also had it this morning for breakfast- all 3 of us.

I usually make homemade pizza and we do take out about once every 3 months or so. But I of course had a craving.

Tonight its buffolo chicken sandwiches.
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Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

When I was pg with DS, drinking a small cup of warm tomato soup was a good way for me to overcome queasiness and stimulate my appetite. I never even liked tomato soup until then! When DS was a toddler, it also turned out to be a good way for him to work through some of his sensory issues (warm wet texture), so I always have tomato soup in the cupboard now.
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A hearty warm chilli with carrots, peppers, spinach, garlic...mmmm and pesto bread as a side (a friend made it for me YUM)
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I'm also in the nothing sounds good to me, but I'm starving, but I'm nauseous stage. Last night we had corn dogs. I haven't had one in years and they sounded so good, but they didn't live up to the craving.

We're supposed to go out for dinner and a movie tonight, but I think it'll just be a movie. My nose is too stuffed to taste anything and nothing sounds good anyway. Well, actually chinese sounds good. But, that's only because dh cleaned the kitchen floor with vinegar and it smells like chinese food with my stuffed nose. I know, I'm weird .
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Last night (friday) we were at a hindu wedding, so indian food was the fare.. but nothing looked good (and I LOVE indian food!) and the taste of cinamon made me wretch. sowhen we got home, I had some yogurt.

Today is a day that i'm feeling pretty nauseated off and on. while cooking an egg and potato burrito for lunch, I ended up wretching over the toilet... No barfing yet, but some dry heaves. I think i'll be staying in my pjs onthe couch today!
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Well, I am craving salty/sour. I keep eating tomatoes with salt, tomatoey things with added salt. I am making sauerkraut cabbage rolls which I am sure I will salt heavily once they make it to my plate.
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