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Notice any different symptoms this time?

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This is number 2 and this is a whole different ballgame. If DD was London, this child is Tokyo.

I still have very in your face symptoms but there different.

With DD I was hot all the time. With this one, I am shrivering constantly.
DD- could not even smell fish w out gagging, this babe, I crave sushi.
dd- chesseburgers were paradise. This one red meat gags me

OK- your turn!! I could go on forever.
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It's still super early and my symptoms are really subtle. with DD1 I had sore boobs and was thirsty, and those were pretty much my only symptoms for weeks.

With this one I feel mild nausea and I'm tired all the time. But my boobs feel fine. It's eerie.
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Yes, I was just thinking about this. With DS, I had a strong copper taste in my mouth for the first eight or nine weeks. I had mild nausea, worst at night.

With this one, I feel worst in the morning and have trouble eating anything. No nausea, but diarrhea. Ugh.

Oh, also back problems both times. By eight weeks last time, my lower back was a mess. I'm already feeling twinges, and now I have a toddler, so I'm really nervous about it.

I have noticed that my fingernails are getting very strong like last time. Whoo-hoo!

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With ds#1 I had heartburn almost from the beginning and very sore breasts. With ds#2 I didn't even know I was pregnant for like the first 7 weeks, and then suddenly developed a very strong adversion to chicken and brocolli (which I had with ds#1). I didn't have m/s with either of them.

This time around, I can still pretty much stomach chicken (at least during the times when I can stomach anything), but have basically no appetite and often get nauseaus by the afternoon and evening. I wouldn't say I have m/s because I don't vomit or anything else and my digestive system is working just fine. But, food is just very unappetizing. I'm not eating much at all, and when I do eat something, typically I don't ever want it again. I told dh my list of acceptable food gets smaller with each meal. The other day I was fine with yogurt; now it sounds yucky as does ice cream (at least vanilla). Oh, and my sense of smell, especially bad smells is overwhelming! I can't figure it out, but the symptoms are totally different ...

I'm only at 6 weeks, so I'm wondering what next week will bring - if the chicken and brocolli adversion will kick in or not, and if the heartburn will start up more fully (I guess even with ds#1 it took a while to develop the heartburn and then it just got worse as I got further along).
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ok were on to something.
I had heartburn from day 1 last time. I do not yet have it.

But this time I am hungry and nothing seems appitizing at all. But then I get these mad cravings. Last time nothing was good for 10 weeks.

The exhaustion is setting in and socks sometimes gives me a red ring around my anckles.
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