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hpt addict ~ they're not getting darker ?!?! (long)

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Hi my name is Sarah and I'm a POASaholic! I've been testing since 7dpo (of course bfn) and AF was due on 11dpo. I tested neg on 11dpo and what I thought was AF started that night. On 13dpo I was with a friend and we decided I should test one last time. She's preggo so she rubbed the test on her belly for good luck. Well it was bfp! I was so excited, it was faint but I figured since I was only 13dpo it would get darker. This was with the new equate +/- which I'm not sure if I'm a fan of or not.

Fast forward to today (18dpo) I'm not really spotting anymore, but the hpts aren't getting darker. They are the same light lines on equate that I got on 13dpo. I have also taken some other brands of tests which are either light bfp or negative all together. I'm now worried that I'm not really pregnant or that it's an ectopic pregnancy.

I guess my question is have any of you had only light lines and still been pregnant, or have you heard of this happening. I'm hoping that I'm just paranoid LOL. It doesn't help that I've been spotting a lot too. Normally my AF is about 3 days of light to medium flow, but I've been spotting off and on for the last 6 days. My OB says that the spotting is normal, but I didn't ask her about the hpts not getting darker because I didn't want her to know what a I am LOL. I have a beta scheduled for Monday, but the suspense is killing me. My symptoms are pretty typical for 4w4d and come and go. Sometimes I feel really pregnant and sometimes I don't. It doesn't help that I have this aweful cold.

Sorry again for yet another novel! Thank you all for your advise (whether good or bad news!)

(I'm posting this in I'm Pregnant also)
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My advice... put. away. the. pee. sticks. Step. away. from. the. pee. sitck.

Beta is just around the corner... peeing on another stick won't help. The waiting is the hardest part!
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hehe I know, I know! It's hard though, I need a twelve step program or something :LOL . But, what am I supposed to do with all these unused hpts? They're calling my name.....

Thanks for the reality check
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what to do with the left over HPTs? wait till after beta, then send them to some TTCer. call it a random act of kindness. for yourself also!
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Just to ease your mind... the HPT's are not designed to give you a quantitative result... they are yes or no. The quality control on them isn't the greatest. Some have more dye than others. you'll find variable quality in the same batch of tests, or it could be you got some from a batch that just had less dye than they normally do. As long as the tests read positive or negative, the manufacturers have no reason to care!

I'm with chiromama... put them away! Your betas will be in soon and that will give you a lot more information than the pee sticks....

maybe offer them for free or cheap to the girls on the TTC board?
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