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I have a question for everyone who has already given birth to their multiples. In you heart, how long did you expect to carry your twins/triplets and how long did you actually end up going? I was just curious how accurate everyone's intuitions were. Thanks!!
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My goal was 37 weeks and I definitely believed that I would make it there. I remember going to bed the day that I got to 37w and thinking that I was surprised that I hadn't gone into labour that day - I woke up at 2:15am in labour and delivered at 37w1d
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I always thought I would carry my girls fullterm. I honestly had very few moments of thinking that I wouldn't reach my goal. My girls were born at 38w3d weighing 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 7 lbs. 1 oz.
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My goal was 36 weeks, but I after about 20 weeks (I had a lot of problems early on that resolved by then), I was pretty sure I was going to go full term. I went 39 weeks and one day.
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I worried a lot about preterm labor, and did go into preterm labor at 29 weeks. I went on anti-contrax drugs for a few weeks, they stopped working, I had an allergic reaction to the next drug, and so I was drug-free but still on bedrest from about 32 weeks. I got to 36 weeks and suddenly didn't have to worry about going into labor anymore. . . I tried and tried and TRIED to go into labor, and felt as though I never would. And I never did. My boys were born at 38 weeks, 2 days via c-section (they were both breech). I'm sure I would have gone at least to 40. At 38 weeks, my cervix was still only 1 cm dilated (as it had been at 29 weeks).
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I wanted badly to go early (like 36 weeks instead of 40). The babies were "good sized" and I was cleared to deliver at "anytime" after 35 weeks and I wanted desparately to have my babies soon.
But I never really believed I would go early. In fact when I had to decide whether or not to wean my ds I just felt deep down that I was not at risk for premature labor.
I went 40 weeks 1 day and only delivered that day because I was induced.
I was havign regular cx 15 min. apart when induced but I might have gone 2 more days without induction.
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Oh, thank you so much for your answers, I loved reading them!! In my heart I would love to go to 40 weeks but part of me wonders if that is possible. I know many ladies do carry that far and it gives me hope, but sometimes I think they are just the lucky ones. My goal is to make it to 38 weeks, but I have to make it to at least 37 for my homebirth.
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I was in a slightly different situation--because my boys had TTTS, and we discovered it at 14 weeks, frankly all I could handle was concentrating on keeping them alive until they were 24-26 weeks. Every day after that was a blessing!

As it was, they were happy as clams in there and probably would have stayed 40+ weeks. (My daughter was a 42, almost 43 weeker--and yep, my dates were accurate!) The only reason why my boys were born at 36 weeks was because of serious health complications on MY part that won't happen to you.

Go for it, mama! There are MANY MANY mamas of twins that make it to 37-42 weeks (though just to warn you, OB/GYNs tend to be cagey after 37 weeks!) with absolutely NO problems. Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done!

Even with all their problems, my boys were 6 and almost 5 lbs, so they were big healthy babies, never had to have supplemental oxygen, home within a week, and breastfed right from the start, exclusively.

You are going to do wonderfully. Think of happy, round, cozy babies snuggled up inside you and growing and growing.
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I really in my heart wanted to go full term -but also at 18 weeks we discovered a huge growth discrepency and they thought TTTS (though it turned out twin B had a pencil thin cord and it wasn't TTTS) - so I had that worry also with being told they might have to deliver at 26-27 weeks as well.

I managed to hand in there until I had an emergency C-section at 32 weeks. BUT I knew the few days or so before that something wasn't right. In fact the day before my girls were born - I had gone in to get their heartrates checked because I wasn't feeling them move as much and just "knew" something wasn't right. I was told they were fine. The next day at my ultrasound - I was sent straight for emergency C-section as twin B was in distress. They got her out in time.
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I always thought I would go at least 40 weeks. My mom has 2 sets of twins and she went 41 & 42 weeks. My boys were born at home at 36 weeks and my boys were 8 lbs and 8lbs 5 oz. So even though they were a little early, they were ready to come out and were heathly as could be.
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I was nervous because I had miscarried at 17 weeks, but after that, I really thought I would go full term. I ended up having a c-section at 37 weeks due to cholestasis - but I have a feeling they would have stayed in until 40 weeks.
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I wanted to make it to 37 weeks, but was told this was unlikely due to my short cervix.

My boys were born at 40w3d! They were 7#2 and 8#. I was soo ready not to be pg anymore!
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My goal was 34 weeks for my triplets -- as that was really the "longest" I'd ever heard anyone carrying them before -- but my "secret goal" was to go to 36 or 38 weeks - I can't recall - which is considered "full term" for a normal singleton pregnancy.

I made it 34 weeks and a few days!
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Ellie, that is great! Congratulations on your twins! Benjamin is one of the names we have picked out for our twins. We don't know the sexes yet though, want to be surprised. I am wanting to have a home waterbirth as well. How did that go?
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I "knew" I'd go for the whole 38 weeks (my OB said no going past 38 weeks) and my pregnancy would be great. Sure enough it was--I worked full time until 34 weeks when I couldn't take the 1.5 hr. commute each way anymore I wasn't even dilated at 38 weeks. My g/g twins were born healthy as can be.
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Nancymom: Sorry for the delayed reply. I somehow lost track of this thread. My homebirth was amazing. It was much easier than the birth of my singleton (in a birth center). I wasn't sure I wanted a waterbirth, but things moved so fast that about 10 minutes after getting in the pool I started pushing and that was that! I was on hands and knees, a position I highly reocmmend. My mw had come for a prenatal that day and I told her I didn't want to be pg anymore. She checked me to see how things were going and I was already a stretchy 5 cm! We used homeopathics, nipple stim and finally castor oil and some herbal tinctures to get things going. Active labor was only about 2.5 hours. I pushed for 30 minutes and Gus was born (though I think he would have come much faster...my midwife made to pant for a long time to avoid tearing). After Gus emerged I had a short break before my contractions started up again. Ben was born after maybe 3 pushes. The boys were only 14 minutes apart! They were both head down and LOA, so it really was a very easy birth. My mw would have been comfortable with breech births as well.

You must be getting close! Sending easy, twin labor vibes your way!!!
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I really thought that I'd carry my boys fullterm, since I'd gone overdue with all my children before I just thought that they'd be the same even though they were twins. My babies have never been in a hurry to see the outside world and I thought my boys would be the same LOL
I ended up delivering them via C-section at 36.4wks due to being dialated to 5 almost 6 already, and both boys were in breech presentation. My dr was worried about cord prolapse and wanted to the boys born then.
They must have been ready to come because they both were good size weighing in at 6lbs4oz and 6lbs5oz, perfectly healthy, no NICU time at all, roomed in with me and came home with me 3 days after their birth.
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From the beginning I said I'd go to at least 39 weeks. Mine were born at 39 w 2 d. I admit at 37 weeks I was disappointed and by 39 weeks I thought I'd be pregnant forever.
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I had wanted to go to 38+, I made it to 37weeks 3 days.
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My twins had TTTS, but my doctor promised me I'd make it to 31 weeks.

In my heart, I felt I would make it to 35 weeks. I delivered at 34w2d my two lovely crazy fun insane beautiful wonderful "TTTS-miracle" boys.
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