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I'm almost 28w, and my babies are going to be big if they keep growing at the current rate. They are 3lbs and 2lb4oz right now( well as of u/s estimate on Thursday) and I'm confident that I will make it to 38w( which is the limit my OB will go- and the specialist won't go past 37) now that I have made it to 28 and everything is shut up tight. We shall see how long I actually go, but I am staying positive.

Best of luck to you! And it is great to hear of so many going to term, or so close to it.
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I think I'm going to be riding this wave all the way to the end. As of 23 weeks, my cervix was still a whopping 5.9 cm long! Lots of contractions but they seem to be pretty harmless. The babes are both weighing in at about 600 grams a pop (1.3 pounds).

Everything--so far--seems smooth sailing. If I had to guess, I'd say 36 weeks for me. Then again, I was convinced that these were b-g twins and was wrong there too. DH says when my intuition tells me to go right, he goes left. And sadly, that's the way to bet!
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thought i'd never go into labor on my own- and- i didn't!

they were born at 38w5d, c/sec ( i had a prevoius c and they were breech/transverse) and they were 7lb13 and 6 lb1

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I thought/hoped I'd make it to 38w. By 35w I was having a lot of BH and I thought it would not be much longer. Then the BH disappeared completely, and at 37w I went in for a NST, and the contractions line was completely flat!!! The doc said that it would at least be another 2 weeks but no, I gave birth that same evening, at 37w exactly
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Glad to see so many happy stories and positive mamas and mamas-to-be! In my case, after two miscarriages in a year, a roller coaster of an IVF, and the related grief and distress of all that coming on top of seven years of infertility, I felt much differently than the PPs. I constantly thought I was miscarrying, every second that I was still pregnant I was surprised and terrified of what would happen next. Fortunately my body and my girls surprised me and stayed in until 33 weeks 6 days. They were fine but at that point I got severe pre eclampsia so out they came.

They are healthy healthy healthy, and my health has returned and (when I get enough sleep ) my disposition is now sunny and peaceful - most of the time.
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I really hoped to go 36 weeks, that would have been the record @ the hospital I delivered @, My doc's kept saying they were going to take them by C/S @ 30 weeks (I have some health issues) and I was mad that they wouldn't even try and let me go nat. I made it to 32.5 (by not showing up @ my 30 w appointment), but I am still hurt by the lack of say in my care and the care of my babies.

I want to have my next one @ home if it's the last thing I do!
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