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Day & Night Mixed Up?

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I can't figure this new babe out. And I can't figure if I'm just sleep deprived or if ds1 was like this too (no, wait, he wasn't). I mean, heck, he's only 5.5 weeks old, but he seems to have such a hard time with sleeping at night. It's almost as if he thinks night runs from 2PM to 3AM and then day is 3AM to 2 PM. He's the oddest thing and it's starting to get very tiresome! I just can't hack these 3am wake ups and then not going back to sleep for 1-2 hours, no matter what I do to make him happy! He totally falls asleep eating, but then there is no putting him down until he basically just wears both of us out.

So, am I alone here? Is this normal? When will it stop? How do I get it to stop? And what do you all do when you've tried it all and they still fuss and cry??
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Sounds JUST like Samantha. We even get a 6 hour stretch of sleep..from about 6am til noon! But alas, I have a 3yr old whose day start about 9am.
I would LOVE some advice!!
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Meilana did this for a few days in a row. It was that 2-3 AM feeding. I found that giving her some Mylicon for gas and NOT burping her after the feeding kept her sleeping. When she did wake up, I cradled her in my arms, sat indian style on the bed and swayed back and forth. She seems to like this motion, and fell asleep. I'm not sure if you co-sleep or not, but I think that helps. All I have to do is lay her down right next to me, so there's not a lot of traveling and she stays sleeping. HTH!

Fortunately, for the past two nights she has been sleeping great between feedings...let's hope this lasts...
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Making sure the most light is during normal day light hours helped us. So did co-sleeping in the bedroom (was using the tV in the living room for the first week for night nursing)

I don't change her diaper at night unless she's poopy, and I give her mylicon to keep from having to burp her at night.
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Yep, do a a maintenence only night routine. Keep the light low or do without if you can. Resist the urge to play with your baby at night. As their personality emerges and you do the fun stuff like play and massage during the day, they will get the idea.
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[babe in arms] i don't even make eye contact at night! lol he's been better the last couple of nights...the trick last night was getting him before he really woke up; the problem is that he is soooooo noisy while he sleeps that i'm afraid i'm jumping the gun and actually waking him up more!!
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I tried the gas drops the past 2 nights, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU gas drops makers!!!! :LOL Although, I almost freaked when she didn't burp. but now I see its normal!
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LOL Katt! I know that if she's asleep, she isn't going to burp, and patting her back is just keeping her asleep even better!! LOL So I have given up fully on burping at night UNLESS, she will sometimes take in HUGE gulps of air, which I immediatly have to burp outo f her or she'll vomit everywhere!
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