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*The One Thread* - Oct.9 -Oct.15

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The One Thread: October 9-October 15

Waiting to O

Elowyn (Kate)
k in canada
Mavournin (Gillian)
Willowsmom (Jen)

Waiting to Know

Henry's_Mamma (Amy)
luckymama (Sue)
SlingWearin'Mama (Jenn)
surf mama
Ursula Rose

Waiting to be Ready


September BFPs

momma2emerson (Cat)
NYCVeg (Amanda)

: October BFPs :


The Graduate Thread

Please PM me if you'd like to be moved.
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Whoopee! I'm back from vacation and happy to see all the new BFPs!!!

Congratulations Pandora and TryingMommas! Though Pandora, I have to say that I had a feeling about you!

My vacation went like this... looong drive (up to Canada), fun, BFN, swatting mosquitoes in the unseasonable heat, more fun, BFN, spotting, looong drive home, cramping.
: I'm really hoping these are implantation spots/cramps. But who am I kidding?

Please PM me with any additions/deletions/alterations. But I will probably not be around much on Sunday. I will get to you though.

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*&%$^ Fertility Friend

Ok. It isn't really FF's fault that my cycle is so wacky, but did they have to change my ovulation date ahead 3 days? I was 8 dpo, now I'm only 5 dpo. I was thinking that maybe I was going triphasic. Chart stalkers ... do you think I O'ed on cd21 or cd24?

This is driving me mad! Although I have to admit, if I conceived with the later O date, my chances for a girl are improved.

BTW, nice chart Mavourin.
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Henry's_Mamma: It definitely looks like you o'd on cd21 to me. Aside from your temps, the o pain and cramps line up for that day too. I don't know what FF is thinking!

I'm cd 20 today, 1 or 2 dpo. Feeling extremely emotional. We had a newborn foster baby for four days last week, and he moved on to another family on Friday night. Not sure if my hormones are to blame for my current state or if it's just the loss of the baby. . . Last time when I was pg, I started feeling symptoms at 3 dpo, BUT I was having twins and had a lot of extra hormone (hcg was 405 at 14dpo). So I keep having to remind myself that even if I am pregnant, I probably won't FEEL it right away like I did last time.

Is there anything you can eat to help with implantation?

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Till I walk thru that midwive's office door, I'm not believing it lol
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Originally Posted by lexbeach
Is there anything you can eat to help with implantation?
We were talking about pineapple a lot around here a few weeks ago - apparently fresh pineapple has an enzyme, bromelain, that can help implantation. I ate a half a pineapple a day, days 5-8 dpo! Don't know if it helped but it was yummy!!
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Henry's_Mamma I agree with Lex, it looks like you O'd on CD21, but I am not that experienced so don't take my word for it!

Lexbeach....what gorgeous twin boys!!


I'm on CD13 here. No fertile CM yet. My temps are getting lower and I think my cervix is starting to move up. I was doing saliva ferning and was getting partial ferning, but yesterday I left the lens off the little microscope and it fell off the table and the cats batted it somewhere I can't find . Bad cats.

I wish I knew what my regular cycle was like. I was on the pill for 6 years and before that I was a teenager and didn't pay any attention.
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PrettyBird- If you were getting partial ferning, O's probably not too far away. Like within a few days!

Lexbeach- Welcome and good luck on catching your first try again!

Chrissy- I don't normally have problems with blood sugar, I'm thinking ds was destined to be a huge baby. My older brother is 6'6" and my younger brother is 6'2" and still growing. I'm 5'10" but that isn't short either... DS has been way off the charts ever since birth, so I think it's just him! Next time I'm going to relax about what I eat because although it's important to watch what you eat it's also impossible to control everything (did I mention I really really like food, especially sweet food :LOL )
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still waiting

I dont chart my temps. i have some OPK's. im on CD6. when should i start using them? last month, my cycle was 34 days. it was my first month off BCP. i was thinking of using them starting CD11, but i only have 6.
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Yeah Morgansmom, I thought that about the partial ferning....too bad I can't see what it is today.

A CM question (probably a little TMI but what the heck): I haven't noticed any CM since AF except for a little white, sticky fluid, but I had to reach inside. The past couple of days I've had the "wet" or "lube" sensation, but no visible CM. This morning I had to reach inside and pulled out a little bit of clear stretchy CM. I mean a LITTLE bit..probably smaller than a pea. But it was definitely clear and stretchy. Is this eggwhite? Or should I still mark sticky/dry?

I am doing all of the "natural" things to increase CM....grapefruit juice, EPO, baby carrots, green tea...but they don't seem to be doing anything. I've been drinking decaf coffee, could that be making it worse?
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mavourin - welcome back & thanx for the fabulous new thread!

lexbeach -

henrysmama - it looks to me, too, like you O'd on cd21. if you discard the temp on cd15, does ff change its mind again? if it were me, i'd probably be thinking i was 8 dpo.

prettybird - i'd call it ewcm, if it were me - and i'd consider myself fertile. i find that the difference between sticky and ewcm for me can be lots some cycles or just a little in others.

4 dpo for me ... gonna pick up a pineapple on my way home from dropping dh off at the airport. just me and the kid this week ... so not even a dh to distract me from my obsessing.
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Oh, it's SOOOO nice to see the BFP's!!!!!!!!!

Bundle Fish, Bromelain seemed to really help with me during IVF cycles (got pregnant 2 out of 4 times total and all with bromelain and progesterone supplementation). I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! I am going to buy my pineapple today too (just ovulated this past day or so).

Have a healthy pregnancy and birth!

Can I be added to the "waiting to Know" list? Thanks
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hmm, very interesting about the bromelain! I wonder if it works because its anti-inflamatory if its taken, or eaten, without other food. If this is not my month, I'm getting some next time!

Mavournin: can you move me to waiting to know? I'm 10 dpo and going out of my mind. Had a bfn today, but nauseaus all week. Thank you!
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Thanks for the new thread, Mavournin. Welcome back! Sorry to hear you haven't gotten your bfp yet. : that the spotting isn't af.

mimi!~ : 10dpo is really early for a bfp.

Welcome Juleskatbellesmom!

luckymama~ Don't feel sad, there is plenty of obsessing taking place around these parts. And maybe you'll have a little surprise for your dh when he returns home...

PrettyBird~ I would consider it ewcm. Last night I found a little, so I know I'm gearing up to O.

HotMama1221~ Well, it depends how long your LP is. If it's 13-14 days, then you O around cd 20ish. I'd start using the OPKs on cd16 or 17. However, just coming off the pill may make your cycles irregular. In that case, if I were going to use OPKs, I'd get a whole bunch and do them everyday starting from cd11 or so.

BundleFishMama~ Thanks for the hint about the fresh pineapple. I have a bottle of Bromelain tablets, but I may just use the fresh stuff this cycle.

Henry's_Mamma~ I say you O'd on cd21 too.

Cd12 here, temps are getting lower, and I'll likely O within the week. (Probably closer to the full moon on the 17th.) I'm feeling excited and lucky this time around!
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At least I know I'm not totally off my rocker. I'm having weird cramps today, and am a bit moody, so now I'm wondering if af isn't around the corner. : I'm making myself wait until at least 10 dpo to test from cd21 (and to 12 dpo if I can wait that long :LOL) if she hasn't shown up by then.

So ... any test buddies testing towards the middle or the end of this week?
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ok, so i order some more OPK's. ill have 11 total. now i want to USE THEM.
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Hi Everyone!

Well technically I am not supposed to be TTC until my next cycle, but I think we may have botched things. I mis-read my chart and thought we would be ok to GIO but then when I double checked it later...oops. That and dh and I both have the same feeling that we may have a new little someone setting up camp. Not quite the timing we were hoping for, but I guess if I am pg a month doesn't make too much of a difference, right?

Oh, btw, I changed my name from mama2toddles in case you are wondering where I came from. And I suppose I can be moved to waiting to know. Yikes!
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I'll be testing on Thursday if I can hold out until then! Wanna test together?
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Welcome Lexbeach

Hey Lex welcome and I wanted to let you know my DD was on my lap when I checked out your photo book and she said "pretty babies" and began kissing their pics on the screen! She's never done that before, she must have found them real cute

What a beautiful family!
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