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Welcome sierratahoe! I added you to the list.

Hoping we get an exciting week with lots of BFPs!!!
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No pre seed here. It's too expensive, and we don't really *need* it. I produce enough EWCM and my DH also produces enough lube, semen friendly of course because it is produced by him . I know spermies reach the eggie because of the m/c I just had.

Let's just say, I silently thank his mother every night for a decision she chose not to make when he was a baby
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still waiting, still no AF, still making myself insane :

my thoughts are with all the rest of you ladies currently joining me on the "say no to flo" pickett line.

the full moon is tomorrow. i usually O at the new moon and flo at the full one, so we'll see!
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CD14 here. no + OPK yet. i havent taken one today yet thought. yester day that line was oh so faint where as the 2 days before it was nonexistant. so crossing fingers. i have some water one now for green tea. can it be decaf? cause thats what i have.

question... if DH and i GIO in a little bit, will if affect OPK later? my mom has the baby today b/c we went to a wedding last night.

good luck all!
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New here. Hi everyone. I'm new here also. Dh and I are TTC #1. I'm about 8 dpo and I have been cramping since Monday. At first I thought it meant AF but now I hear cramping can be a sign of BFP? How does everyone deal with the waiting? I'm going crazy wanting know. I can barely concentrate on anything else in my life and this is only the first cycle we've TTC! Baby dust to all
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Jenniet, Sierratahoe - Welcome! I hope you're both met with early success! (And yes, Jennie, mid-luteal-phase cramping can mean pg.)

HotMama - GIO away! It won't affect your OPK at all. And decaf green tea is just fine.

Re: Pre-Seed - I've thought about using it, but I'm in a somewhat different situation than many here (plastic syringes are *much* less fun than the usual "instrument" ) so that's probably not all that helpful. For those that need lube, it's apparently the lube of choice.

Henry'sMamma - Hang in there! I know how tempting early testing is...hopefully you'll get your BFP tomorrow!

Surfmama - FX for a BFP!!!

Meggles - enjoy your "boring week" (as I like to call the 1st week of the 2ww - nothing to do but obsess!)

Lex - wowee...I certainly hope it's not triplets. So, when are you going to test?

Benjalo - good luck w/ the "when to test" decision. Always tricky.

As for me, just cruising along waiting to O. OPKs are still negative, and cervix is changing but not quiiiite there yet (neither is CM) so maybe tomorrow. I'm happy with that, as tomorrow's still a week earlier than my last 2 cycles.
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P.S. - Piper thanks you all for the compliments. She's had a little at-home haircut (by me) but is still waiting to go for her puppy grooming, then I'll re-post her picture once she's even more beautiful. She just had her spay done on Thursday, so I'm not ready to send her to the groomer quite yet.
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Grrr...still waiting to O at CD20. I thought my body was gearing up to O but then the EWCM dried up. I have been MAJORLY stressed out from school so this might be what is causing it. I think I may stop charting for a little while and try to relax...but its going to be hard not to obsess!

DAMN the PILL!!!!!!

My cycles were nice and regular before I started taking those evil fake hormones.
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cd 23 / 11dpo - um ... it's very faint, but it's there. after having to get up to pee six times this morning, i decided to stick a stick in the stream ... i almost can't believe it ... that my eyes must be playing tricks. but it's only been 10 minutes since i tested, and there is definitely a very faint second pink line. yep - i just checked again ... still there. OMG!

we used pre-seed both times around o this cycle ... plus (in case anyone is interested) i ate almost an entire fresh pineapple after o and avoided soy and peas for the last two cycles.
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Ok, so Im on CD14. I started using OPK's on CD 11. but im so tired. and last night at the wedding we went to, i was crying for no reason. i don't think ive O'd yet so i can't be PG.

My mom got me this candy at Sam's club. it's cherry cordial hershey kisses. they are like a tiny orgasm in your mouth. just thought i'd share.
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Congrats Luckymama! :
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Woo Hooo!

Hey, ladies!

I'm officially a lurker (from the Nursing Mamas board). I'm sorry to but in but I wanted to contratulate LuckyMama! And to say you've convinced me to test! LOL! Your last post really struck me b/c it sounded just like me! I am so discouraged this cycle. Usually I pee on something 2 days ago and I planned on testing today (10 DPO) but just couldn't do it b/c I'm so sure of the answer. I don't have really ANY symptoms. AF or otherwise....I usually feel cramps or something by now. I was saying just like you that I won't test unless I get something to make me do otherwise! You've given me some hope at least.........so maybe I'll test tomorrow after all. You'd think I'd be feeling something by now.......usually I think AF is coming early b/c I have symptoms days before -- but I just have nothing. Hmmmm.....

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Originally Posted by Henry's_Mamma
Have fun all you who are GIO this weekend! :LOL
Is that where everybody is? :LOL Man this thread moves fast, I am totally behind so forgive me if I miss anything.

Although I didn't miss this - Congratulations luckymama!!! Are you our first July EDD?

Welcome jenniet and sierratahoe! (Dh was born in Truckee!)

Elowyn - It's good to 'see' you again.

benjalo, jenniet, 1stTimeMummytoLore, Henry's_Mamma, & MamaDee4 - I've got my : for all of you!

Originally Posted by HotMama1221

My mom got me this candy at Sam's club. it's cherry cordial hershey kisses. they are like a tiny orgasm in your mouth. just thought i'd share.
You know, it didn't taste quite like that the last time I ... :ignore Oh, bad Jen! You can't talk about that kind of stuff here! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist! )
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Wait a minute, I could be missing something, but where's our new thread? (it would be so like me to keep posting on an abandoned thread. :LOL)

I checked the profile of the Mama who's supposed to be up next but she hasn't been online since 9/23. I hope everything's ok with her.
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Paisley- maybe you should PM both her and moistangel and then if they don't reply you should start the new thread!

And whoever starts it- please move me to waiting to know........
My marriage is on the rocks and we've been trying to smooth things out. We smoothed on my O date. I haven't been charting my temps but I just know. So yeah. I'm not sure how I feel at the moment........I've been so obsessed about this and then when I decide to take some time off thats when things heat up.

Special congrats to luckymama
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well I hope no one minds but I am going to jump in and start a new thread out of turn...paisley, I checked too and the mama for this week hasn't been around in awhile so hopefully she won't mind. I'll get the thread up now and then come back and post a link.
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A big to you, lotus.blossom. I'll be thinking of you and sending you good vibes both for your relationship and for your TTC adventures.
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lotus.blossom- I'm so sorry to hear that.

Okay the new thread is ready!Come join us here.
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