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I am seeing the same ob I had with both boys. I really like her; she is very calm and not at all in your face about anything. I also loved that she immediately put each boy on my abdomen and encouraged nursing the moment she got them out. Each boy was on the breast within seconds. I won't see her, though, until the 8th of Nov. Before then, I'll go see the nurse practitioner next Monday for the "new-ob" appt; that's where I get to refuse the formula gift bag (though I'm debating taking it for my friend who foster's babies ... she can definitely use it). Given what she's done in the past, I'm expecting my ob will do an u/s when I see her next month to confirm due date (I'll be 12 1/2 weeks by then ... I wonder if I can talk the n.p. into it instead ... I'm really curious if I'm right with my dates), then I'll have the "regular" u/s at about 20 weeks or so. That one I don't like because my insurance contracts out to an u/s place and they have the worst bedside manners. Maybe in the last 2 1/2 years they've changed.

I'm debating declining the glocuse tolerance screening this time. Both boys came up fine; I have really low blood sugar to begin with, and frankly I don't like introducing that much glocuse into my system all at once on an empty stomach (right now the thought makes me ill). I'm also going to decline the triple screening.

As for how I'm feeling ... my sense of smell is overwhelming and can pick up yucky smells from a mile away. It makes going in the kitchen hard; I had dh move the kitchen trash outside on the stoop so I don't have to walk past it to do laundry. I have no appetite except for a few things (and not very healthy either), but I'm hungry all the time because I'm not eating much. Sometimes I feel queasy, but never like I'm going to throw-up, just yucky. I never had this with either boy, so it's a new experience. So far today I've had two bowls of chocolate lucky charms, a baked potato, and some chicken tenders. Oh, and a sliver of orange. I had such visions of eating well ... I was going to do as much of the Makers Diet and Nourishing Traditions as I could ... sprouted, fermented, raw, whole food ... but the thought of it is sickening. So, I'm back to my cereal, pasturized milk, and processed mac & cheese! :LOL At least it's something.

Oh, someone mentioned yoga. I bought last week the Gaiam Prenatal Yoga ... I really like it. There are three women on the screen all at once - one from each trimester of pregnancy, so you can see how the poses are modified throughout. It's a good stretch and pretty calming ... my boys like to try to do it with me! The goal is to do that 3-4 times a week and continue to walk 2-3 miles a day (though I haven't been doing that as much ... it got very hot and dry here the last couple weeks). My goal is to be in better shape this time than I was last time, which was better than the first time. We shall see ...
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After my ds birth at the hosp w/ an OB last time, we are changing it up and going to see a midwife and either birth at the Birth Center or at home
I am soooooo excited, our hospital birth was good, but I think for us, the birth center or home birth will be much better. We are very private people and I did not like being a "number" at the hospital......and strangers tending to me.
I didnt do the triple screen last time - I had read over and over that there is high chance of false-positives and I didn't want to go through that - so we opted to not do that. We did do u/s and the glucose test - they also checked me iron levels at EVERY visit b/c I am veggie........

If anyone has any good links on homebirth, pass em on! Also thanks for the rec. on the prenatal yoga - I think I may have to pick that up.
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Any suggestions for diet/excersice plan?
I wanted to pass this link on that I found yesterday, for anyone who is interested. My DH and i are both veggies (we do eat seafood very occasionally, and yeah, I know, a fish isn't a vegetable). Anyway, I've been wanting to keep track of my protein intake because I'm always worried I'm not getting enough.


This site allows you to enter what you've eaten throughout the day, and it keeps track of all the nutrients you need while preggers. I have to guesstimate quite a bit, but it at least gives you a rough idea of where you're at for the day.

I don't know about the site as a whole, but it's pretty neato for reminding you to eat right, drink water, exercise and take your vitamins!
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Dh and I have two boys and I am secretly hoping for a girl but I would not be disapointed at all if we had another boy. I am seeing an OB. I could see a midwife in this area but I haven't heard the best things about the two that are here. Plus dh is trying for a another job so if that works out I will get to deliver at a great hospital, we can't afford a homebirth there are no homebirth midwives in our area and insurance wouldn't cover it. As much as I want a home water birth it probably won't happen. But I do plan on having another unmedicated birth.

We probably will try and find out the sex so we can plan but I'm not all that worried about finding out either, I am just so excited to be having another baby.
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MArcy- where in IL do you live? I can see how you would have trouble finding a solution for delivering a baby.
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thanks for that site - it looks cool!

p.s. Keeta, I was completely lacto-ovo veggie for my last pregnancy and we did fine! I think I worry more about my iron intake than my protein.......
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Amys1st - Check out Dr. George Elvove in the Chicago area - he's a homebirth doc. I lived in Peoria for two years until August.

I had very little med attention with my first. I had my first OB visit at 13 weeks and had a Doppler listen to the hb. Then I had a blood draw at 17 weeks for the triple screen. Then I had an u/s at 24 weeks. That was it. Other than that, I just took my bp every month and weighed myself and measured my fundal height.

This time we are stationed where our hosptial is a MTF (military treatment facility) so it's a little different. I have to go to an initial visit ASAP with my assigned family practice doc in order to get the referral written for the homebirth midwife that is covered under our insurance. I will likely not have many of the tests (don't see the point) and certainly would never have an amnio. Ironically, my dh is a med student, but he and I think pregnancy is best left alone. We might even go with no u/s this time.

We have no gender preference.
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Originally Posted by StacyL
Amys1st - Check out Dr. George Elvove in the Chicago area - he's a homebirth doc. I lived in Peoria for two years until August.
Thanks for the lead but like I said, I cannot do homebirth. Most practices that do that in IL would not even touch it because I would be considered high risk. Where is the Dr located though?
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He's in Libertyville.

here's his site:
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subscribing for now, will be back to answer questions...
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I live in a state with a lot of issues surrounding homebirth midwifery which makes it not exactly legal and definitely not paid for by insurance. However, neither of these is an issue for me and I have to birth where I feel most comfortable - home! Payment arrangements are always available and I am so thankful for midwives willing to take a chance on getting paid!

So, I will rock the boat and say that I do prenatal care a little differently. I prefer to do dual care where I see my hb mw for care in addition to the OB/MW practice (incidentally, ins. will cover 100% of my OB appts and hospital birth). Do to the legal issues in this state, the local hb mw's do not have hospital/OB back-up so I choose to have dual care in case of transport, I will have an established relationship with someone. I have also worked with this practice on numerous occassions and totally trust them with my care in case of a transport, but they are unaware that my last hb was planned or that I will be planning one this time as well.

As for testing, other than the doppler, u/s and some of the initial blood work (I even start out difficult), I refuse all else. I will not have the CF, AFP, glucose or GBS tests done.

Amy - I normally do pregnancy pretty well, but I am feeling a little more tired and nauseous this time. After the 1st trimester I usually love being pregnant. Of course, every year makes a difference and I am several years older than when I had my first so maybe that's the different too.
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Wow - there are lots of second & third time mamas on here!
This is my very first pregnancy, so I am just barely even starting to think about what I will want and not want, as far as intervention goes. DP & I have been completely wrapped up in the *getting pg* part of the process!! At this point in time, we're thinking we'll have a hospital birth with as little intervention as possible, with a doula or layMW with us (and probably my mom &/or sister, too).

I just changed insurance carriers, so I have never even met my OB yet. I just took the lab pee test at the medical center today (drop-in) so once they get the + results tomorrow, they'll schedule me for my first appt. (being Kaiser - it will be a group "class" type-appt so they can give us all our lab slips at once to save money). Then after that I'll *finally* be able to get in with my OB ... so I'll meet her for the first time at my first prenatal physical exam. I have no idea when they'll want to do the first u/s or other tests yet.

Since I can't get a blood test, I am tempted to keep taking HPTs just so I have some outside reassurance that I'm really staying pg! So far I have few symptoms, but also no spotting or anything to worry about. It is just starting to sink in...
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Originally Posted by Amys1st
MArcy- where in IL do you live? I can see how you would have trouble finding a solution for delivering a baby.
I'm in Sterling. I heard back from the Dr. today and they can't do a c/s at the hospital on my PPO plan and there are no Drs. in my plan for that hospital, makes a lot of sense. So, I left a message at the hospital my OB works at to see if they will add my insurance plan. If they won't it looks like I will be driving to Rockford, 70 miles, to see a Dr. Grrr...
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tryingmommas, congrats on your first. i have kaiser as well. there are something things that make it seem harder sometimes, some things that make it easier. just find the kaiser in your area where you are most comfortable with the place.

the one we ended up going was not the one where i had all my prenatal visits, but rather another one that i had to drive 60 miles too--but i got to keep my baby with me the entire time, he never went to a nursery and the let us use the other bed so my dh could stay with us. for the most part (other than the night staff and the cut happy midwife...) it was a really good place to birth.
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Originally Posted by StacyL
He's in Libertyville.

here's his site:

Thanks Stacy! He is two hours north of me in traffic and an hour 1/2 on a good day.

Homebirth in the Chicago area had some shakeup about 10 yrs ago when a midwife was delivering a foot breach birth being video taped by the husband at the couples home. Of course there is a very sad ending but the couple backed the midwife up 100% even though on the video after the baby's death she said- I need to pack up, I am not supposed to even be here.

Couple that along with some botched up deliveries in the area you are looking at astronomical insurance premiums for OBs. My OB's practice its about 250K per Dr. Also in Illinois there is no cap on court settlements/lawsuits for malpractice which is why the fees are so high. In another 5 years it will be impressive if there is even 100 Drs in this area for OB.

But, there are a few homebirth options- Homefirst as one but they are a bit loopy so to speak. I have heard that even from Mamas here in the find your tribe section. Most hospital midwife practices by Ill law are connected to another Dr's practice. So if soemthing was to go wrong, the Dr could come in- this is done in most other countries. But again a lot of midwife practices had to close because of the high cost of insurance.
If you do a homebirth in my area, most of the midwifes are not connected w any hospitals around here so you have to call 911 and either deliver in the ER or if for some reason you need a c/s, its the house OB or another ER Dr. Not the best way to deliver. I know 2 girls in this area who had to do this. They had no advocate w them either since the midwife was not on staff at the hospital.

So I live about 10 minutes from 5 different hospitals. 2 trauma one centers so we have our pick of the litter. The hospital we will give birth at is a smaller hospital and DH is also on staff there. In fact our L& D nurse was treated by
him so we had a great experience. Since its a samller hospital, if something went wrong we would airlift to the larger hospital a mile away. When I say smaller hospital I mean not a teaching one. Since its our second time, they pretty much let you do what you want and so does my OB- she did that last time as well.
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Hi everyone! Great idea for a "question of the week" - I like it!

My first two, I delivered in a small-ish hospital outside D.C. where we lived, with an OB practice that I just adored - they were amazing, so wonderful - very open to my needs and wants as a patient, and respectful of my wishes - unfortunately though, I still ended up with a more medical birth than I would have preferred, since with dd1, my water broke first and I never had any contractions on my own (they did let me wait like 9 hours before starting Pit) and with dd2, same thing, not progessing, leading to Pit, leading to lying on my back with constant monitoring and IVs, leading to an epidural, leading to pushing problems, leading to instrument delivery, you know, how one intervention leads to more.

So this time, since we moved away from D.C. last year and I had to find a new health care provider anyway, I'm going to go with CNMs at a Birth Center and finally : get the drug-free birth I want!! It's located near a hospital (basically one street over, so that makes my DH feel better!) but it's completely midwife-owned and operated (check out the website if you want, it looks really cool: www.thebirthcenter.com ) I had my annual GYN exam there a few months ago, so I'm excited to start prenatal care there....of course, I am only 4 weeks and they really don't need to see me until 7 or so, so I have to wait!

As for tests, right now we plan to do an early u/s at my first appt (although the more I read about the possible dangers of u/s, the more I wonder if I should....) and we will do the level 2 u/s at 18-20 wks, just because if, God forbid, there were something wrong that could be fixed/prepared for, I'd want to know. We also want to know the gender - we were surprised the first time, which was exciting, but last time we found out and it was nice knowing. I would be thrilled with either, as long as s/he is healthy, but if I had the choice I think I would like a boy just because I know DH is secretly hoping for one, and my 3 y.o. dd is *insisting* it's a boy bc she wants a baby brother so badly! We want a big family, so it's not like we *have* to get a boy this time, and I looooove being a mama to girls, but you know, it would be nice to experience the difference. We decline the triple screen, and I might decline the GBS, but we usually do the glucose screen because diabetes (type I and II) run in my family and I was borderline with dd1.

As for exercise, I am continuing my usual, I work out at Curves 3-5 times a week, which they say is still safe during pregnancy, and I enjoy it. It's circuit training, a mix of low-impact aerobics and weight training, so you get your cardio and your muscle-building in one efficient workout (I lost 20 pounds in the 4 months before conceiving by working out there!)
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Well, since it's my first I am more comfortable being with an OB in the military hospitals (since I'm familiar with policy and all). My first OB appointment is Thursday, and I am not sure what they're going to have me doing.

As for tests...the only thing I will be getting checked is ABO/rh differences. I don't want to be wrongly told that I'm having a baby with down's syndrome simply because of the statistics of how wrong the test is. I'll be refusing anything that I feel I don't need or am uncomfortable with.

I'm waiting to move to Japan at the moment, and I actually can't wait to get there and deliver so the baby can grow up in Japanese culture before we come back to the US. My personal preference is a boy, but I had an easier time picking out a girl's name (had it picked before we even got pregnant) so I'm being weird and I'm going to guess that's a sign.

I'm going to be breastfeeding (which my family has actually never done, but thankfully my husband and my wonderful mother fully support) but I wanted to make sure I knew that in case of problems there are alternatives.

I'm in the process now of trying to learn to sew onsies so that I don't have to pay for brand name and I can make all of the clothing for the baby. It will also let me pick out whatever fabric I want and let me choose exactly what the baby wears. I thank MDC for making me think twice about going brand name for everything. I still have a fetish for Pooh and Friends when it comes to decorating...but that's another hurdle lol.
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outofmymindyo: Welcome! and Japan sounds exciting! Congrats on doing the right thing and breastfeeding but no need to worry about us thinking otherwise.
Just on this June Board alone you have about 50 years of bfeeding experience. So please question us away! Before you do your big move, consider investing in a few =key tools to get you off to a great start.
LeLEche meetings - in Japan and in your area
Read- the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. If you cannot find a copy, I would be glad to mail mine along to you.
Talk to other bfeeding mamas especially since no one in your family nursed.
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got my pee test results from Kaiser (call-in) and the are of course positive!
I should get a call for my first appt tomorrow ... no idea how soon I'llactually get in, though.

Still not much for symptoms, though my boobs are definitely starting to grow. I wonder when it'll be enough for other people to notice (I'm only a B cup normally). I'm kinda worried about that part, because my mom went from a C cup to a HH (yes, you read that right - bigger than she could find in maternity stores) with me and I was her first pregnancy. Anybody else had monster tit growth in the past? Anything you can do to help/slow it down?
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I had a homebirth with my last pregnancy and plan on doing the same with this one. We just moved cross country, so I haven't decided on a midwife yet. It will probably be a few weeks before I have an initial exam. Oh, and I don't plan on doing any screenings or testings unless there seems to be some sort of problem.
I really don't have a prefference if this baby is a boy or a girl. I have one of each and they are both so wonderful! I do get the feeling that I am carrying a girl though.... but we won't find out until June
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