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Baby Finn is here!

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After six nights of pre labor contractions- every ten min. from 6:30 p.m. to 6 am, and over twenty six hours of hard home labor, Baby Finn was born via c section, posterior and weighing in at 9lbs. 11 oz. on October 6, 2005. This was the hardest thing by far I have ever done. I labored with fierce back labor at home to fully dialted on one side and 8 1/2 cervical lip on the other. The midwife noted some distress in the fetal and mother heartrate and suggested that we go to the hospital, as she did not want to take any chances of uterine rupture in a vbac. The on call doc was so cool about it bein g a home birth and even told me although against policy that because I had labored so far he would let me try and deliver vaginally if I wanted. When he checked me, my water broke and was full of meconium. I decided that a c section at this point was safest for the baby. Turns out his hed was stuck on my pubic bone and all bruised from trying to fit and he was posterior...AND we were suprised that he weighed 9.11oz. All and all wheile I did not get the birth I wanted, I had a great birth experience and it was much better that my first c section. The payoff is a beautiful, laid back baby boy who we are enjoying getting to know- and as many of you may know we live right outside New Orleans and have several refugee family members staying with us and have had a lot of hurricane damage so his birth announcement is a piece of plywood, but he enjoys the blessing of many generations. Thanks for all your prayers and conccerns. Good luck to everyone!
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Congratulations! I was wondering if you had had your baby yet. Welcome to the world baby Finn! Happy babymooning.
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Congratulations! I love his name.
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Congrats! although long, painful, and not exactly as desired, it does sound like you had a good experience that resulted in a safe delivery and healthy mom and babe, thats all that counts!
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Although you didn't get exactly the birth you wanted, I'm glad it was still a positive experience for you! Welcome to the world, Baby Finn!
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Oh Wow! Finally--- I kept checking every day/nite to see if the little one had arrived for you. ... I love the name 'Finn'---- so sweet and cool at the same time!
I know how it is to experience the planned-vbac with another long labor.
I did feel the same about it though as your: that it was better than the first. And you know you gave it your all after all that
Take care of yourself and oh, my brothers birthday is the 6th too!
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