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Middle name that goes with Rachel?

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Thought I would get some suggestions. Last name begins with B and ends in N. I was looking for something simple, beautiful, and that really flows. Can anyone help?

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How many syllables is the last name? What are the vowel sounds?
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one syllable, and the vowel sounds like ou in ouch! Lol!
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LOL on the OUCH thing!

Hm, I think a longer middle name (3 syllables) would be nice, and flow well. BTW, I love the name Rachel! So classic and beautiful.

I'd avoid hard consonants, I think vowels would be a better start to the name, it would flow better w/ the hard "B" and "Ch" sounds.

Evaline? Olivia? My brain isn't functioning too well right now!
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Rachel Lei
Rachel Hope
Rachel Eve
Rachel Faith

Rachel Cadence
Rachel Avery
Rachel Erin
Rachel Lanza
Rachel Tsaden (say-den)
Rachel Riley

Rachel Juliette
Rachel Abigail
Rachel Beatrice
Rachel Sophia
Rachel Fiona
Rachel Lucia
Rachel Bjeldie (bee-yell-dee - its my cousins middle name and we both love it :LOL)
Rachel Nicolette ( dh says this one sounded too much like Nicorette but I still liked it)

Rachel Saraphina
rachel Evangeline
Rachel Allessandra
Rachel Vivianna
Rachel Esmirelda
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Oh very pretty

Of course the first thing that comes to mind is Rachel Ray from the cooking show. But, obviously not that.
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Rachel Marie, i like how that sounds..
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Excellent name. My oldest is a Rachel, Rachel Eileen (Eileen after my Mum).

I think that Rachel Elizabeth is a great name.

My second child is Julie Elizabeth Ruby.

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How about Rachel Grace

DH's cousin is a Rachel (he doesnt know her middle name) and has the most wonderful red hair I have ever seen... I do love the name!!!
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My SIL is Rachael Anne
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My name was very nearly Rachel Susan. Always thought it was pretty, even though it didn't turn out to be my name.
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My Grandma was Rachel Ann . My sister Julie and I are still fighting over who gets to use the name.
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Thanks so much mamas for all the great names. Before we found out it was a girl, all I had was a list of girl names, and hardly no boy names except Preston, Collin, and Avery. Everyone is asking me what girl names have you picked, and the first and only one I can remember is Rachel, so I am thinking that this will be here name.

I also was thinking the middle name of Deborah, Rachel Deborah. It is my aunt's name, and even though she lives so far, she has always been such a support, and has been the person I have looked up to all my life, as I do not have to much family support these days.

But keep the middle names coming maybe something will click. I know that names to some people should come natural, but I have always loved having other people join in the fun, sometimes that special name just pops, and someone helps you on your journey to find it.
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I'm partial to Rachel Ellen, since that's what I heard my whole life.

I also like Rachel Elisabeth.

But, I think a family name is appropriate for a middle name, so my favorite for your daughter is Rachel Deborah.
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Middle name

How about Faye?
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Since my name is Rachel Anne I think that is just perfect....
I have always loved my name btw,it is a classic name that never sounds trendy.
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lol....let me just say that having heard Rachel Marie all of my life, I'm biased on that one!
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I grew up with a Rachel Amanda, so I'm partial to that combination.
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My name is Rachel Elizabeth and I think that's a nice combo.

I'm also a redhead. Are there a lot of redheaded Rachels out there or something?
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Rachel Elizabeth and Rachel Ellen were both almost my name. Mom had a brain fart right after the birth and named me Elizabeth Ellen. :LOL

Rachel is a great name. And some of these suggestions, I never would have thought of.

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