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No poopy dipes today?

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Question...We usually have at least 1-2 poopy diapers a day, and today we haven't had any so far. She's been eating every couple of hours, and we've had quite a few peepee dipes. She's been quite gassy, but nothing solid. Should I worry?

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As long as you're bfing and she doesn't seem to be in pain, you're fine. At abut 3 mo, my ds went from 4 diapers a day to 1 every 4-7 days. At first it freaked me out, but then I loved it Since we've introduced solids (at 7 months) he's back to 1 or 2/day.
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10 PM, we finally got one. It was a good one too. That's the longest we've ever gone though and it made me nervous!
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Isn't it amazing how poo can make you cheer!?
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Originally Posted by rebeccamaryll
Isn't it amazing how poo can make you cheer!?
:LOL The life of a mama...
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Yes, it takes me back...all the poop concern...my dd never pooped more than once a week (even from birth) and she was a slow weight gainer but absolutely fine and healthy. We did "induce" pooping with a thermometer only once when she looked miserable, but I wouldn't recommend it although it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen, the look of relief on a newborn's face. :LOL It was the last of the meconium.

but really my ped said that breastfed babies can vary wildly in their poop production and almost *never* get constipated.
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Dd went 9 days without pooping and was definitely uncomfortable near the end. We happened to be going to the ped anyway so the nurse used a rectal thermometer to take her temperature and then she pooped after.

What do I do next time though? It's been 4 days already. How do I get this kiddo to poop?
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DS has never pooped according to the "textbook" patterns described. DS1 never did either...not when he was exclusively BF'd, and not after I started supplementing. I just breed lazy poopers I think.

Instead of the multiple poos in a day, Arlo does one humongous, leaking-out-of-the-dipe poo every three days. At first I was nervous about this, but it appears to just be normal for him. He's wetting plenty of dipes and growing well, so I think everything is going great.
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Caedyn started out making a poo every time he ate then about a week ago he started poo less often till just recently he went for a few days with very little to no poo. My DH was rubbing his tummy very gently last night and o boy we got a full dipe just 30 minues later. ANIKO
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