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Protein in boiled eggs....

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This is probably a dumb question, but does anyone know where the bulk of the protein comes from in boiled eggs? I really detest the dry yolks, but like the egg whites of boiled eggs....

I am wondering if I don't eat the yolks, am I missing out on all the protein in the egg? (Trying to up my protein would be the point of eating the boiled eggs in the first place).

I am trying to up my protein intake as I have found out that I am having twins and my research is emphasizing the importance of protein, especially for twin pregancies.

Any other suggestions for increasing protein intake? Yummy tasting items are especially desired!

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I believe it's the egg whites that have the most protein.

Nuts are a great source.

Also, oats are the highest protein grain around. Preferrably freshly ground oats are the best b/c the natural oils are "live". We have an oat flaker that is sooo awesome. Eating them raw and not cooked is better. I make a bowl of fresh flaked oats w/yogourt and rice dream for breaky and it is really good.

With my first pregnancy and w/this one I'm going to make a protein shake once a day. We buy whey powder which is the purest form (be aware of protein powders with fillers such as sugar and other additives).

Hope this helps.

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The bulk of the protein is in the white. THe bulk of egg fat is in the yolk.
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I love the egg whites!!! I could eat them all day!

Thank you!

Thanks for the other suggestions as well...... I will check out the protein shake stuff as well. Is there any kind that doesn't taste as chalky or do I need to just get used to it?

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Congratulations, Kathy!

My friend just had a homebirth with her twins this past weekend, and she had been eating 150g of protein a day (after she learned of her twins at 5 months) and a gallon of water daily as well. Well, her girl was 8lb 2oz, and her boy was 8lb 10oz! She credits her diet with helping her go to term with her lovely babies.

Just thought that was worth passing along!

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Congrats! We have had two natural births using the Bradley method and they suggest the Brewer diet (which is high in protein) for pregnancy. You can find info on it at www.blueribbonbaby.com
I ate eggs (do you like them scrambled or as egg salad or cut up over salads after hard boiling?) a lot. Also liked light cottage cheese or a slice of cheddar each day. I upped my protein intake with lots of glasses of nonfat milk too. The nut suggestion someone else made was good too.
Good luck!
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I believe that there are 6 grams of protein just in the egg whites (and none in the yolk, I think). I too am an egg-whites only kind of boiled egg eater . Don't worry too much about getting the whole 150g of protein at this point in your pregnancy. I had terrible m/s and hardly ate anything the first few months and everyone I talked to about it said not to worry. It matters more in the second trimester and beyond. Not that you shouldn't try if you're able! I wish I hadn't tried quite so hard, though, because there are some things I ate in the first trimester that I can no longer stand the thought of (like cottage cheese and boiled eggs of all things). I wish I hadn't wasted them on that less-important time! Luckily, other tings that I couldn't tolerate then are now fine, such as chicken and turkey and fish. I think I have probably gotten most of my protein from drinking milk (the idea alone grossed me out pre-pg, but now I crave it like nothing else), and eating yogurt. Dairy products are also good for the calcium (you have lots of new bones to grow!).

Anyway, good luck! Worrying about getting enough protein has probably been the most stressful part of my twin pregnancy, but my babies are HUGE, and I don't have any signs of pre-eclampsia yet (knock on wood).

Eat, eat, eat!

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