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Originally Posted by DoulaMommy
We might as well start a September 05 Mom's thread over in LWAB just for when this board closes!

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Hi mamas!

This is the first time in ages I've had to sit down and read a weekly thread. Sounds like you're all doing well, more or less, in spite of the ever present money woes.

Happy Anniversary Lisa!

We're in central Illinois now, introducing Claudio to his other grandparents. While in DE we took a side trip to New England, visiting folks in New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. And tomorrow we're driving up to Door County, WI for the weekend. So we're feeling a bit like Oakies these days. You should see our truck - filled to the brim w/ the three of us, two dogs, two cats, suitcases, my most important negatives and plastic containers full of baby things and other items we've acquired along the way. It's kinda comical, really.

Claudio really likes to be held and is not so fond of the car seat these days, so driving is pretty exhausting. Right now I'm trying to put him into it inside the house so maybe he can think of it as a cozy place to sleep. Not really working though - he much prefers my chest.

We're planning to head back to New Orleans in the last week of October. I can't wait to finally be settled!!! Till then I'm trying to enjoy the fall colors and the chance to spend time with family.

I hope you're all enjoying your babes. I think of you often, even though I haven't been able to post much. Hopefully that will change in November when we're home again.
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Nice to hear from you Jen!

How's the house in New Orleans? I don't remember hearing the update. Your trip sounds fun. Aren't the fall colors beautiful?

Meilana doesn't like her car seat too much either. But she does like the motion of the car. So she cries until we start moving, then this amazing calm comes over her. It's pretty cute.
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Thanks Lisa!

By all reports the house is good. Some shingles missing from the roof, one big tree gone & fence mangled in the front and some tree limbs down in the back. All things considered we fared really well, so we're not complaining.
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Well, I am back to check in once again! Happy Friday everyone! I swear this week has been crazy! I thought that maybe with dh home that I would have some more time to post, but it seems that I have less time. I am rearranging furniture so that I have some room for a dresser for Allissa. We are changing our wardrobes over from summer to fall/winter stuff. I had forgotten how much more room winter stuff takes up than summer stuff. Oh well.

My clothes that I have up on ebay are selling like hotcakes! I guess that other people really want my sons clothes! I think it has alot to do with the fact that since he has outgrown them so fast, they all have almost no wear and tear to them. Keep your fingers crossed that the same will hold true for the rest of the clothes that I hope to get out of this apartment! Who knew that clothes reproduced on their own? I am finding things that I don't ever remember acquiring.

Again I am just going to keep this kind of general. I am sorry that we all kind of seem to be in a finacial slump. I hope that changes for all of us soon.

I don't imagine that they will be closing this form down too soon, since the Feb 05 forum is still waiting to be archived. :LOL I am still gunshy about LWAB I love our little home here.

Anyway, I have to go do more laundry so that I have more clothing to sell.

Erin, if you could, would you PM me the info about the babywearing mama group? If I can I am going to try to convince dh that I really need to go so that I can learn how to wear Allissa properly. If I don't forget, I will PM you first. Gotta run. Take care everyone!
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5 weeks old....wow! Yet another week here at the Thum house...

Jack is doing GREAT, he got his toy box back yesterday, complete with toys LOL, we removed the broken ones, and the stuffed animals. He has also been dry THREE days in a row! INCLUDING overnight! in 4 more days he will be allowed to wear just underware for the day time, and nap time, and a week after that over night as well. I am so proud of him!!

Dh got a new job! It's less pay, but he starts on 11-14! It's at the same place everyday, and it's a salary position! YEAH! Now, if only he'd set up the crib in the bedroom so he can come sleep with me and Kate and get a better nights sleep than he has in the last month on the sofa. Maybe he'll do it this weekend while I"m out at the birth network meeting!

Kate is just perfect lol. She likes to pee on the changing table when dh changes her so she had 3 baths this weekend LMAO! She gets a bit fussy with the over active let down on my left side. But she handles it just fine at night while layingdown and half asleep. She's asleep in her sling right now, just all cozied up next to me and I have my hands free. This is perfect SHe was 10 lbs 10 oz at her 1 month appointment...and she's hungry now!

Me, I get to go to a birth network meeting on Sunday, and get to see my midwife this Thursday. YEAH! My bio-dad and step mom were suposed to be in town last week and were supposed tocall me, but never did, so I guess they didn't want to come see me or the baby. Oh well, their loss! Ok, Kate is really getting fidgety now, sorry bout the typos!

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