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I'm not sure how to do this....

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"This" being twins. I just feel so slow. Already. And I'm only 15 weeks.

I had thought it was the cold I had, becasue as of 2 weeks ago I could do all the normal things without worrying. But now I'm really noticing that I have slowed down considerably. I can't walk as far or as fast. My legs feel heavy. There's a low pelvic pressure from earlier that is now back with a vengance. I'm winded just walking my first DS the 10 minutes each way to his school. I'm still going to the gym once a week, so this "slow down" is not for out-of-shape reasons; and as we don't have a car my feet are my ONLY transport. I'm active, I swear. This pregnancy was hard faught for (okay, twins were a surprise), but it's really distressing to feel my life and everyone I know jogging 6 meteres ahead of me.

I don't *think* I'm that big already (no full length mirror, so I can't tell for sure). Sure I've got a belly, but so long as my pants are super low rise and not real fitted, I can still get into them fine. I've only gained about 4-5 pounds so far, so it's not even about hauling around extra weight at this point. I passed out of--or so I had thought--the first trimester sleepies. This is different. Really, I just feel like I went straight from the first trimester fatigue into the third trimester aches and pains.

I guess what I'm asking is, is this normal? And if so, how do you all cope? I DO take it pretty easy (before anyone starts with that advice). My work is on the computer--freelance editing and writing. DS is in kindergarten/preschool for the day. Really, my life is not that strenuous. I do stand up every 30 minutes for breaks from the computer. Everyone keeps saying: "oh, it's a twin thing." But honestly, even if it is, it doesn't help me figure out how to make it from here to the end of the journey 6 months from now.
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I don't know what your journey will be, I can only tell you: take it one day at a time. I am 21 weeks pregnant with twin boys, and I vomited several times a day, almost every day, from 6 weeks until 18 weeks. Now, I feel much better and can get things DONE, but during the period of my m/s I couldn't cook, do laundry, etc. So hopefully this too shall pass. Just be gentle with yourself, and hang in there.
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Be gentle with yourself. I think any pregnancy is even harder when you have an older child already (you can't just come home from work and go to bed at 5:30), and all the demands of growing two babes is making it all even tougher. Like you, I found being pregnant with twins very difficult. Things I used to be able to do with ease (walking for endless miles) grew so difficult (and eventually impossible). But you will find ways to make adjustments, and can start doing something that you will need to get used to doing -- asking for help. The good news -- I found the days after the babes were born MUCH MUCH easier than the days after my DS was born, and the first months have been easier too. Maybe because I am more relaxed having BTDT, but it's been much less stressful this time around, even with two.

Hang in there.
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I can relate!! This pregnancy has been MUCH different than with my first son. With him I had no morning sickness, I easily took 3-4 hour naps a day, exercised (even jogged) til 7 months, etc. But this time around things are VERY different. I had terrible morning sickness from 5-14 weeks, I am super tired but cannot sleep (bad insomnia), tons of contractions, pressure, etc. I basically just sit around as much as I can with a 2 year old to take care of. My exercise is cleaning the house and taking care of my son, and if I fit a walk in, I am doing good.
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The odd thing for me was that I felt so tired all the time & had no energy up until about 18-20 weeks. After that I felt quite energetic. I expected it to be the opposite.
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Hey - it might just be early pregnancy fatigue? You never know -- But do what others have said and listen to your body and take it real easy. You'll be so glad you did if you can get through the whole pregnancy avoiding bedrest or other similar restrictions!
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Just listen to your body and take it easy. This will only last a few weeks and then you won't have a chance to really slow down for a few years!!

I would go to bed before my 4 y.o. from about 15 weeks on!! I slept AT LEAST 10 hours a day, usually 12. I had to, I couldn't function otherwise. (of course I was getting up once or twice a night to eat.) Now I am really lucky when I get 5 or 6 hours of sleep.

Does it hurt when you do much walking? You may have pubic symphisis displacement (?) This is were your pubic joint pulls apart more than it should. THIS HURTS!! But it does generally go away after the babies are born.
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I hear ya on the fatigue. Mine just let up at about 18-19w and I feel much better. I don't feel like I'm going to die going up a flight of stairs. :LOL

I do go to sleep earlier now, but I don't nap as much( my almost 2yo has decided he doesn't need one : ) and my energy has been better.

Eat lots of protein and meat meat meat( at least IME) the iron and protein combo works wonders on how good I feel.

to you!
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thank you all for your replies. Between fatigue and hormones, this pregnancy is really sending me through the wringer and I'm having a lot of dark days. That said, hearing from BTDT mamas, though, really makes it easier to cope. It sounds like I just need to hold on for another couple of weeks and then that energy burst will come? Or at least I won't feel so beat up all the time?

Also, because I feel a need to know....when did you start to get really uncomfortable in size? DS was small so I never really got that way with him until the last couple of weeks. In fact, i took a solitary writing retreat in the woods at 7.5 months pregnant, managing my own bags, computer etc. I have a feeling I won't be doing that this time. Just so that I can plan, when do I really slow down on the other end of things?

Thanks again. Your kinds words, thoughts, and hugs mean a lot.
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To answer your most recent question - I never felt uncomfortably big with the twins. Yeah, I was big, but I never felt that my belly was in the way of anything, yk?

As far as the slowness, mine were my first so I didn't have anything to compare it too. I noticed it, as did dh, and we just both assumed it was normal. We stuck to our regular routines, but found all the benches and tables and other resting spots along the way so I could sit down when I needed to.

For the shortness of breath - I'd mention it to your caregiver. If you aren't showing much it could simply be that the babies are squished up higher than normal because you have good abs holding everything in. Once you "pop" you'll notice a tremendous relief, for a few weeks, anyway. Or you could have a minor/symptomless infection, maybe even pregnancy induced asthma that is making breathing harder. No matter what it is, you want to have it checked out.

The shortness of breath did come back for me at the end, maybe around 30 weeks or so? I would lose my breath just in normal conversation.

Twin pregnancy is hard. I felt like I went from the 1st trimester to the 3rd, without really getting that 2nd trimester to feel "glowing" and all, yk? But it's so worth it, hang in there and let yourself go at the babies' pace.
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I also felt like I went right from the first to the third timester. I was like, excuse me, where is that second trimester honeymoon phase I read about in pregnancy books?! I was also very tired. I just wanted to stare at the wall all day and think about babies. I work freelance too and it was hard to focus on work. I remember trying to wake myself after a nap with some loud music. I started napping a lot and I even napped at peoples houses when we went visiting. I also ached a lot and couldn't sleep through the night.

So, don't worry. Your pregnancy sounds a lot like mine. You could discuss it with your doctor if it gives you peace of mind. I wonder if a little more iron could help.
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(Hi, newbelly2006! You brought me over here from "I'm Pregnant"...)

Lower back & Joint pain:
I haven't gotten to that point (yet?) with this (twin) pregnancy, but my last (single) pregnancy I had absolutely horrible back and hip pain from very early on. I gimped around for about 5 weeks until I was desparate enough to see a chiropractor-- I had never been to one before, so I was actually a little skeptical. He explained that the flood of hormones during pregnancy can cause your ligaments to move around as to prepare your body for childbirth, but they can jump the gun a bit. He cracked me, whacked me a little (weird!), snapped me back into place-- and my goodness! if it didn't do the trick! I continued to see him throughout my pregnancy and for a couple months afterwards.

This is all JFYI, of course.
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How did you find out so soon that you were carrying twins. My DP is convinced for some reason that we are having twins. Im sure everyone thinks that from time to time but he is convinced and now has me quite worried.

Also would love to hear from any Mommas that just knew or found out early on.

Im having cvs testing on Monday so I guess the debate will end there.
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I'm sorry you're feeling so beat up! What worked for me was to eat a TON of protein, and LOTS of yoga. The yoga helped moderate the aches and pains, the protein gave me energy to get through the day. I was doing a more 'energetic' yoga first thing in the a.m., followed by scrambled eggs, ham, cheese and milk, then a more stretching yoga at the end of the day. At 28 weeks, I was put on bedrest, but until that point, I felt like I really lead a "normal" pregnant life.

Hang in there - I hope it gets better for you!
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when did you start to get really uncomfortable in size?
My main discomfort was that one of my abdominal muscles pulled & the constant stretching made it burn a lot. Other than that, my only size related discomfort was when I tried to sleep at night. That started probably about 30 weeks. I struggled trying to prop on pillows for a week, then moved to the recliner for a week before I delivered.
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Originally Posted by mel~3jumpin beans
How did you find out so soon that you were carrying twins.
Dr ordered an early ultrasound because of a previous ectopic pregnancy.
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I also basically work at home doing writing work....and I've been tired tired TIRED all the time. One good thing I've found is to schedule lying-down time in the morning and afternoon. For me, if I plan that i'm going lie down for an hour each time, I'm less tired, and I don't feel guilty b/c it's part of a plan.

I also agree with the yoga/stretching. Come up with a routine that works for you, and do it regularly. And include some meditation/relaxation in there, because when the actual poses get too hard, you can always fall back on the meditation part!

I found all of this pregnancy to be totally exhausting. I try to remind myself that my body is working so hard constantly, but it still is discouraging when I think of all things I used to get done in a day!

Good luck!

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i think this is an excellent time to learn that, with twins, you just need to get through today. try not to worry too much about how the same plan will work for tomorrow.

once the babies are born the ability to do this will keep you sane.
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