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Hey! Just popping in really quick to tell you guys something really neat. Liam has/had reflux. I'd been taking him to a chiropractor for his neck (it was strained during birth.) I mentioned to her that he has a lot of signs of reflux. So she found some accupressure points and used her little instrument there. Now, I don't remember what kind of chiropractor she is, but she uses this nifty little thing that looks kinda like a mini tambourine w/ a handle that she rubs while pressing on places that are out of alignment. It goes on electric fields in teh body. ANyway, she did the reflux adjustment the first time last Monday. He had no sign of reflux at all for at least 3 days straight. Then it slowly got worse again, but hasn't been as bad as before yet. I took him in again this morning and he is asleep in his carseat. He NEVER sleeps away from me. I have to hold him constantly. Anyway, if anyone thinks their baby has reflux, it would definitely be worth looking for a pediatric chiropractor or accupuncturist to look at him/her. It helped SO much! Oh, and IME, chiropractors are very nice people. The one who worked on Liam did the last 2 adjustments for free. We paid the first 2 times, but she did the last 2 free and told me to just stop back in when he starts acting like the reflux is bothering him and she'll adjust him again (and kinda hinted that she'd do it for free again b/c she loves working w/ babies. She seems to mostly get elderly people.) So if you're worried about cost, discuss it wih them. Te normal price is about $30 per appointment, but if they don't take your insurance and you have trouble affording it, they will work w/ you.
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Thanx Wendy thats really good info. I my chiropractor I can't wait to get my post pregnancy adjustment but I gotta wait till my C sec incision is completly healed He thinks it is safer that way and I tend to agree. I just might have him look at DD's neck it seems she perfers to keep her head turned to one side. She also only sleeps on her right side If I lay her on her back she wakes crying and if I lay her on her left she wakes crying wierd.
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Thanks for the reassurance about ped chiros... I've been worried my 3 week old might have a touch of reflux and considered taking him, but my dh is not enthralled with the idea. He worried he'll get hurt. I also wanted to look into cranio sacral therapy, but don't know where to start. I wanted to go to a chiro my last weeks of pregnancy because I had horrible pelvic pain (spd) but we couldn't afford it. We now have our FSA account rolled over, so I can put it on that now. ..
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how can you tell if your little one has reflux?
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