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Yankee Candle alternatives

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I LOOVE Yankee Candles: the smells, the colors, the packaging, the names...
but DH has banned them from our home because of the petroleum!!! So sad!!!
So, are there natural alternatives but similar? I guess with beeswax or soy or something right?? Links, please?

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I don't like them as much as I used to because I find the smells "fake." I used to love to light them to keep the doggy smell from overpowering the house.

Also, I read the founder (founded it in his mom's garage) is a real materialist. Owns like 47 cars and is totally unapologetic. There was a profile of him in the New York Times "what we consume" column of the sunday mag.

I want candles made with love not (entirely) for money.
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Pacifica candles A mama provided a link to Pacifica candles. They have soy and beeswax, with beautiful smells.

I'll see if i can find the link.

Inserted the link, if it doesnt work, the address is: www.pacificacandles.com
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Maybe Illuminations has something. I worked there for 2 days (they were not giving me enough hours ) and from what I remember their candles had a few more natural aspects than the Yankee. They also have more natural smells like pomegranete ect.
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CandleDance makes soy candles, both unscented and aromatherapy.
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We have a local place that makes/sells yummy soy ones (Better than Sex...that's the scent of one, almost like a strawberry shortcake :LOL )

I can't find it online, so will try and find out from SIL (she buys there alot) and will be back!
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