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Organizing magazines

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What do you do with magazines you want to keep? We have tons of Nat'l Geo. I also keep all my fashion mags cuz I figure if I pay that much for them, I need to keep them! Any ideas on storage?
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I came to the realization that most magazines I really only wanted to save part of it. Maybe an article, a cool picture, etc. Keeping the whole magazine was superfluous for me. So I cut out my selections and put them in a notebook. Takes up a lot less space.

But if you want to keep them intact, I always envy those nice sturdy magazine holders I see in the library.
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I have two systems. For house/decorating magazines I have project notebook that I made w/those $.10 paper 3 prong folder and clear page protectors. I have a page for each room in the house and I file pix that I like in there. I have a recipes keeper, and I go through and take out the stuff I want. Then I pass the magazine on to the free box at my local library since it's still pretty good w/exception of the stuff I wanted out of it. You can also get a inexpensive accordian style folder and keep article that you're interested in. But, I've learned from watching Clean House and Clean Sweep...you gotta let go. I'm a work in progress though
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Well, just because something was expensive doesn't mean you need to keep it. I pass on most magazines as soon as I'm done with them, with any artciles I want to save torn out, but the ones I keep either (a) we've made space on a bookshelf for or b) I've cut cardboard boxes into magazine-box shapes and they live on top of a bookshelf in our office. In many of these, I ripped out advertisements when I read them (if there are ads on both sides of a page) which makes them take up much less space.
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This is a real issue at my house because I love to collect magazines and zines. I'm also a librarian so I want to keep them nice and orderly on the shelf. But, I do believe in "weeding the collection" from time to time. First, think about what magazines you really want to keep and why. Some magazines I pass on right away. Those I want to keep I have organized in library type cardboard journal holders. They sell them at staples and other office supply stores. There are nicer plastic ones, but more expensive. It just depends where you store your collection and if you care what the boxes look like.
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FWIW, if you really don't think you'll read the magazines again, I've seen magazines for sale on ebay, everything from several year's worth to just a few issues. Don't have the slightest clue how to sell them, if people buy them, or for how much (since I was, er, thinking of adding to my clutter by buying a bunch of old Martha Stewart Living issues for browsing purposes), but I've always thought that if I ever stopped dipping into back issues of what I do have on hand, I might give that a shot.
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I check out magazine's from the library. Really, any ideas that I might want again from a magazine I can find with a thread-search here or another internet search

I would like to second the recommendation for those plastic magazine holders. They've really kept dh's RPG books under control :LOL .
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I too keep just the bits I want in an organized notebook. Well, a couple of notebooks -- one for professional stuff (massage therapy), one for projects I'd like to try (crafts, Martha, baby projects, presents), one for travel. WAY less space to store, which is good as we read nothing but magazines since the baby came.
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