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Soy Cheese

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My DS does not like his Mama to have dairy so...........I don't. I really don't miss it too much. It's the cheese. I cheese! I miss it terribly. Does anyone know of any good soy cheese?

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galaxy nutritional foods makes a veggie cheese thats not too bad on a cracker. it's called "chef's award" and comes in a couple of flavors, and it's made w/ organic tofu. soyco makes a good alternative to parmesan made out of rice - not bad.
now if i could only find a good mozzarella!
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there's an almond based mozzarella (can't remember the brand!) that is really tasty- we're not vegan, but eat it for taste and variety. you can't tell the diff.

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Some soy cheeses have casein and whey, which are dairy derived. So if you're avoiding all dairy, watch out for those and just eat the vegan cheeses.

That said, the three vegan cheeses I'm aware of are:

www.imearthkind.com (best in my opinion. Melts, tastes great) Comes in Mozarella, caraway jack and nacho cheese.

Galaxy Foods (Soyco) makes Vegan Singles and Vegan Parmesan. It has a more nutty flavor and doesn't melt easily.

Veganrella. I haven't tried it but it's vegan.
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Has anyone tried making their own soy cheeses or tofu? I'd like to try it.
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Veganrella is really, really, really disgusting -- and expensive.

My kids like Tofutti american-style cheese. It contains no dairy.
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I use the soy parmesan, My dh loves it.

For everyday use or anything calling for cheese, I use Lisanatti Almond Cheese. They make cheddar, mozzarella, monterey jack w/jalapenos and a garlic and herb. They melt great. They are a little expensive, but I slice them thinly and make it last. I love cooking with these the best because they taste great and melt, especially when grated, but even when just sliced. If it werent for this, I wouldve had a harder time getting off dairy.
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I'm not sure if I've seen Lisanatti around here but I'll sure look for it. We dont' use much soy cheese these days but in the past we used Soy Kass mozzarella and found it to melt nicely. I do like Tofutti brand as well.
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That's what I was going to suggest. I used to get it at our co-op. Its great stuff!
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Ive been avoiding dairy myself for similar reasons, and I was quite an avid cheese-eater. I cant stand it plain, but I love it melted- any type of SoyaKaas soy cheese, that is. I dont miss cheese at all, now. A slice of soy cheese pizza does the trick when I am craving cheese. I also drink Silk soymilk, and I really like it. Yum!
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