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My kids wont wear a coat!!

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Well I guess they will come in when they get cold! It's about 58 out today and my ds, 4, is outside with a short sleeve shirt on!! He refuses to wear his coat (he had it on earlier w/ no complain) and it's useless to put one on b/c he'll just take it off. Anyone else have kids who go coatless? Am I a bad mom to let them???
Dd was the same way!! After a while I just gave up, too tired to fight that battle after years and years of it. It really makes me
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I always insist that we have the coat with us, if we're going out, so the child can put it on as soon as he or she realizes it's cold. From toddlerhood I've trusted my children to know their own bodies and not wear a coat if they're too hot. We're going for a walk? Coat goes in the stroller. Going to school? Coat goes in the backpack. I don't force anybody to wear a coat once he or she is old enough to take it off.
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Kids are in constant motion most of the time. It'd be like us raking leaves or running or something. They don't stand around like adults, they MOVE. So I don't think they get so cold.

I always tell me daughter that it's her body and only she can know if it's too warm or too cold. We also have a joke that "Mommy is cold, so YOU need to put on a coat." Works for DH, too. I think they'll be fine, more so if you don't make an issue of it and let them be in charge of their own feelings of warmth, cold, tired, hungry, etc.
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What makes me is how random strangers make comments when my dd chooses not to wear her coat. I started out sort of apologetic, like, "Oh, she must have inherited dh's 'hot' genes, he wears short sleeves all winter. She never gets sick, though..." After years of comments, I've gotten a bit crankier.

Now that she is old enough to give things like different seasons and fashions some thought, she is a little more likely to dress "appropriately". But last night she came home from the laundromat wearing a sundress in 50-degree weather. Like I said, she never gets sick... :LOL
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If it's not hurting them, why would it make you a bad mom? And why does it bother you?
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If yuor kids are not cold, don't make them wear a coat. My DS is the same way! I just keep a jacket with me in case he gets cold. A virus will make your child sick, not the cold, rain or snow! When strangers make comments to me I simply say "He is not cold"!
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bad mom, I dunno, maybe like I'm neglecting them by not insisting on it. It bothers me because I know the outcome: They will come inside five minutes later and go 'brrr!! its COLD' :LOL which is exactly what my ds did ten minutes after I started this thread!
I too, have had comments about it...mostly when my dd was younger, my mom would make comments, etc, but I soon realized that she knew her body. Just the other day, ds was outside with pants and sweatshirt but barefoot...my neighbor was over and said something but I just said "eh! He's fine!" That kid hates shoes! A few times he had splinters galore and scratches we had to bandage because he won't keep shoes on.
Picture a mom picking up socks from the yard all summer long...that's me!
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I make my kids take one with them "just in case", they can tie it around their waist or whatever, but it's true that once they can take it off it's a lost cause. Like PP's said, they run around more than we adults do so are generally warmer. (When she comes inside and then says she's cold, she very well could be if she's toned her energy down inside.)
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It has to be pretty cold for my Ds to wear one. Dd sometimes does, sometimes no. We leave it up to them. The comments from people do get old fast lol.
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I HATE to wear a coat. That said I do try to ask them to wear it, if they don't want to that is fine, but we bring it just in case and most of the time they are cold they put it on. At some point I think kids are old enough to know when they are hot or cold. You just have to know when that time comes for your child, kwim?
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When I was a kid 60 degrees was swimming weather, so I don't think being outside in 58 without a coat is that bad.
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I am very cold blooded - i freeze when it's 65! DD also hates wearing a coat so I dress her warmer. She tells me if she's hot or cold. Trust them to know their bodies. I am sure they aren't going to run around freezing. Older people will frown in this since they think you can catch pnemonia by sitting on cold grass. :
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Originally Posted by Sharlla
When I was a kid 60 degrees was swimming weather, so I don't think being outside in 58 without a coat is that bad.
Wow, that must have been cool. When I was a kid, my mom always told me, "You can get hypothermia in 60-degree weather!" To which I said, "Yeah, maybe if you were lying in a puddle naked." Apparently not. :LOL
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I never wear a coat, even in the dead of winter (except when I take the dog out). We keep sweatshirts in the car, just in case, all year round. If my ds says he's not cold, I don't worry. He's smart enough to know when he needs to dress warmer. He's got his daddy's hot body, dh wears shorts all year too.
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Thanks for this post... I've enjoyed reading it & feel better about not forcing my son to wear a blasted jacket when he doesn't want to wear one. It's just not a battle I want to fight. KWIM? I imagine when it gets to be 20 out, he'll want that jacket. He hates blankets, too. Must be warmer than me...
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I never wear a coat either. If he's cold he'll put a coat on. I think you are a good mom if you let him decide how he feels and what he needs.
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It's 40 and my kids wear sweatshirts and are just starting to wear their fleece jackets. He'll be fine.

One of my kids fought this battle w/mittens and now is a big mitten advocate...by choice.
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Swimming in 60 degree weather? Yup, both my kids swam in our lake a WEEK after it thawed!! I know my mom was me about that one! LOL

They must just run hot like their daddy. He never wears a coat OR socks all winter! And we are in Michigan!! I think he did wear socks more last year (he wears them to his job though).

I'm cold all the time, but I sweat buckets at night.
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oh, this is a huge issue for me, we were out the other day with lil' man and it was about 60, pants, and long sleeves, no shoes or socks; he takes them off before I even get him fastened in the car seat. People stare, make comments; he just hates clothes. My lil' guy is only 14 mo old though, thankfully he hasn't fully figured out how to take off his other clothes yet...
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Why should your kids wear a coat when "YOU" get cold? Bring a coat along, if "they" get cold, they will put it on.
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