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Midwife says my hormone levels are low...what do you think?

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[X-posted this in TTC too because I still lurk there, sorry if you're reading this twice!]

So....I am kinda worried, got some not-so-great news today and I don't know whether everything's OK, or not. I called my midwife because I hadn't heard back anything about my labs from last Friday (11 dpo, the day I got my BFP - I had asked for a blood test to check levels because of it only being my 2nd PP cycle and having had a very short LP the first one and using natural progesterone cream for that).

Well, turns out I was (maybe) right to be concerned, my hcg was 18 and my progesterone was only 10 Now, my midwife kept saying, "Don't panic, this doesn't mean anything, chances are everything is fine, you're still very early and this could be totally normal..." but of course I was like, yeah right don't panic, I was practically by the time I got off the phone.

So we did another hcg today and I guess that will indicate if things are OK, it's been 4 days so I guess it should have doubled twice by now, hopefully. Of course I went out and got more hpt's to try to see for myself if the line was getting darker or lighter, fortunately the line came up nicely right away (and that was with very, very diluted pee, since it was afternoon and I've been peeing literally every hour!)

Anyway I guess 18 is not a terrible level for hcg at only 11 dpo - actually the progesterone worried me more though, 10 seems really low, right? So my midwife said she wants to supplement it with more than just the OTC cream - she prescribed 100 mg vaginal suppositories twice a day. She said that's really all we can do, as long as I'm not spotting or cramping, which I'm not at all, hopefully everything is just getting off to a slow start but will be fine.

What do you all think?? I did a quick Web search just now and found that most sites gave 10 or 11 as the minimum normal level for progesterone in early pg. But then I found a site that said that prog supplementation is unlikely to help if it's started after a positive hpt - is it too late then for these suppositories to help? Have any of you BTDT? I know many of you got blood tests for hcg - anyone get progesterone levels checked?

To top it all off, the only place in our area that had prog in suppository form was a compounding pharmacist, who doesn't take insurance - so I had to pay $170 for a month's supply - so I tell DH on the phone, and now of course he'll do anything to help this baby stick, he didn't mean it to come out like this, but he was just shocked at the price tag since we normally pay just $5 copay for RXs, and he was like, "Wow, that's steep! We're gonna have to figure out where to put that in the budget if you're gonna have to take it for months" so of course, upset, hormonal me, I flip out and totally go off on him screaming that he doesn't care about our baby and is only thinking of money and is a selfish, mercenary bastard, etc. etc.....ugh!!

Anyway....I am trying to think positive, hopefully everything is fine but I would really appreciate your prayers for a I know I'll be : nonstop until I hear about my labs from today....my Rosary is gonna get a workout! You know, I wonder if I shouldn't have asked for labs in the first place - I hate to say it, but maybe sometimes too much knowledge can drive us crazy, you know?

Sorry for the long post but just wondering what you all think of this. Should I be worried, or just figure everything's probably fine? Easier said than done, I know.
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I'm thinking good, sticky thoughts for you, BundleFishMama!
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Bundlefishmama, I think the prog. is a good idea. I'm on supps too. i chose not to get labs done, so I more or less agree with you about bloodwork. i just don't feel like being paranoid all the time, so I'm skipping the labs for now.

I think that the prog will help. I started taking mine about 4 days before my period was due. I have no idea what the level is and I'm ok with that.

good luck!

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The progesterone can't hurt... the price tag is steep but it's worth it for the baby, right?

I think the hcg levels will sort themselves out! You could be over 100 now and that is plenty high enough for where you are in the pregnancy!

(((hugs))) and I hope the test results tomorrow ease your mind some...
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Thanks for the support, guys!! Midwife just called and my hcg went from 18 to 198 in just 96 hours!! I'm so relieved!! I am such a worrier, I'm still concerned about the progesterone but I'm trying to relax and just enjoy my little Junebug growing inside me!!
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That is such good news BundleFishMama! Here's some baby dust for you and Junebug!
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I was on pins and needles waiting for my labs, I did them every other day for a few weeks. Ick.

Glad to hear your numbers are going up!!

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Yay, BundleFishMama! I'm so glad you got some great news!!
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Congrats! I am glad to see some good news from you today.
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hang in there mama...everything will work out. And heck if you have to go on the suppositiorys for a few months, have your normal pharmacy order them and then you will only have to pay the copay. Most places are able to do that, they might just take longer to come in and since you already have your month supply, hopefully it will work. Good luck...sticky happy baby
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