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I think sharing is a great idea, and if the need was there for them to share as they got older, there are always creative solutions you could do like a curtain down the middle of the room or removable screens, partitions etc... even though that would make space a bit tighter, it would allow for them to have their own "space" and privacy with the exception of one having to leave or enter the room on the other's "side" but that can be worked around!

Good luck! I don't think there is anything wrong with it until the children are uncomfortable and that usually wouldn't happen until pre-teen (if it did)...
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My cousins shared until they were 16 and 13. They are the closet brother/sister I have ever met. I envy them. My older two shared a room until just a few months ago, at age 9 and 7. We moved them only because my daughter is a neat freak and her older brother is a slob. :LOL
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I shared a room with my brother until I was about 9. I think I really wanted my own room at that point, but I don't remember having any problems when we did share a room.
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I slept in my brother's room a lot growing up. Then he hit about 11ish and said no more. In my mommy hind sight I think that is when he started to have wet dreams and obviouslly didn't want his sister to know.

I remember accusing him of wetting the bed shortly before I was banded. :LOL
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You can read the permutations below-- but we found boy/girl room sharing to be fine. All the children were with dh and I through their toddler years and know that mom and dad can share a room, all the kids take baths together (and used to with me as well). 10yo ds started requesting some privacy around 8yo-- although I think it was a space issue more than a sex issue, if that makes sense.

When we moved ds and dd out of family bed, we moved them into a room that they could share together. Sometimes they shared a bed, but often they slept in their own beds. They were 5 (ds) and 3 (dd) when we moved them out. They shared a room for a couple years. Then when dd was 6yo and we were moving 4yo ds out of family bed for new baby-- 4yo ds moved in w/ dd. She got tired of his messiness :LOL and begged to have her own room, so now 5yo ds is with 10yo ds. And the baby ds is still in bed w/ mom and dad.

Bunk beds make me nervous. However, I made a platform bed that sort of formed an Lshape over a low captains bed when the kids were smaller. The height of the home-made platform bed was only about 4ft... much smaller fall should that happen.
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I'm really surprised by how many sisters and brothers shared bedrooms. I think that is so great!
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Thank you for all the great responses! If anyone else has a story, I'd love to hear it too

It does sound like it's not just an acceptible idea, but perhaps a preferable one! We actually submitted an offer on the 2 bedroom house tonight. Keeping our fingers crossed...!
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It's not an accepted ideal because everyone makes everything sexual. Noone bats an eye at same-sex siblings sharing a bedroom. If it was just a privacy issue, kids would need privacy from same-sex siblings too, but I find that the people who are "concerned" about my children sharing a room always have the same argument, and it's sexual. : My answer to that? My DH was molested by his BROTHER, so if it's going to happen it doesn't matter WHAT sex they are or whether they share a room together.
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My son & dd share a room. They have bunkbeds & they LOVE it!! I had the option to put the girls in one room & let my lil man have his own room but my dd & ds are so close. They are still young & often they even will sleep together on the bottom bunk. My ds & dd are still young & to them it is just normal i guess. They have shared aroom for 8 months now since we bought our new home. in our case my oldest dd is 8 & she likes having her own room & space. I think in our case letting the girls share a room would have caused issues.
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Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences.

I have a ds (7) and a dd (4) who have been sharing a room for 2 years now. They now both sleep in the bunk bed, but they started out with dd in the toddler bed until she potty learned (easier to clean a crib mattress than futon LOL - and ds wasn't ready to be on the top of the bunk beds yet).

As far as sleeping arrangements it seems to be working fine. The only issue we have is when ds wants some quiet/private time and dd wants to play (with him). I think even separate bedrooms wouldn't solve that problem right now.

I'm encouraged to hear that our children should be fine sharing a room for some time. I'm so glad I found this thread!

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Originally Posted by Milkymommi
In response to the pp... I believe that only applies to government housing projects that are obviously regulated. My dh grew up in a housing project and his Mama still lives there, those are definately the rules. However I don't believe that applies to those who are living independant of a housing authority. (unless maybe DCF is involved with a family as they love to make a big fuss about stuff like that)

To the op... We have 3 kiddos who share a room Well, technically anyway- our youngest ds who is almost 4 is actually still in our bed but does have a bed in the other room and opts to use the floor in there occasionally :LOL but mostly he is still with us.

We have bunkbeds for our almost 9 yo dd and our almost 7 yo ds (all have b-days soon!) dd has the top bunk and that is her private place. The boys couldn't care less at this point about space or privacy. Up till now we have had no problems at all with them sharing a space, the only thing we've encountered as of recent is dd needing a private place to dress... she has become VERY modest as would be expected with her age and all. She WILL NOT dress in front of anyone, not even Daddy anymore. So she retreats to the bathroom, no biggie. I think if given the choice she'd love her own room but since it's not an option right now it's not an issue. It never gets brought up at all by anyone and they all seem content.

I think it's an issue that will probably need to be guaged individually according to each child needs. Some kids may be able to stay a long time together while others might not be able to hack it. There's always the ever famous personality clash as they grow up and maybe other issues. So all in all I say go for it and see what happens over time, you'll be fine for at least a good 10 years I would imagine.
My cousin and I shared a room up until we were preteens when we were visiting my Grandma, and we loved it. Many nights were spent telling each other ghost stories.
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Quite common in the old days, esp when people had a dozen or more kids. Both my parents were from large families that shared rooms. No big deal. Watcha gonna do when you have 15 kids?
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My brother and I shared a room until we were around 8 and 9. Then, our family moved into a new house where we each had our own room.

He got a new bunk bed to go with his new room, and I often slept on the top bunk. As we got older I did so less and less, I probably stopped around the early teenage years.

I'm appreciative that my brother didn't mind, knowing that I could go settle into the top bunk whenever I wanted was a great comfort to me as a child.
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My DHs family owned three apartment buildings.

They would live in one unit and manage everything else.

DH shared a room with his sister and his brother until they were grown.

That is the way it was. No problems, as far as he knew.
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